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School of Life
Cast: David PaymerRyan ReynoldsKate VernonAndrew RobbJohn Astin
Genres: ComedyDramaFamily
Director: William Dear
Release Date: Feb 19, 2005
At Fallbrook Middle School, the annual student-elected Teacher of the Year award is held. And every year for the last 43 years Norman Warner or most fondly called Stormin' Norman Warner has won the award. Now that he has died, the burden of carrying the legacy falls into the hands of Matt Warner, the son of the late Norman Warner who has always lived in the shadow of his father.

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Dove Channel

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Frequently Asked Questions about School of Life:

When was School of Life released?

The original release date of School of Life was on 2005-02-19.

How long is School of Life?

School of Life is 111 minutes long.

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