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Where to Watch and Stream Lost in Space Free Online

Lost in Space poster
Lost in Space
Cast: Jack JohnsonGary OldmanWilliam HurtMimi RogersLacey Chabert
Genres: Science FictionAdventure
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Release Date: Apr 03, 1998
The prospects for continuing life on Earth in the year 2058 are grim. So the Robinsons are launched into space to colonize Alpha Prime, the only other inhabitable planet in the galaxy. But when a stowaway sabotages the mission, the Robinsons find themselves hurtling through uncharted space.

How to watch Lost in Space


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Frequently Asked Questions about Lost in Space:

When was Lost in Space released?

The original release date of Lost in Space was on 1998-04-03.

What was the budget for Lost in Space?

Lost in Space had a budget of 80 million USD.

How much did Lost in Space earn at the US box office?

Lost in Space grossed 136.2 million USD at the US box office.

How long is Lost in Space?

Lost in Space is 130 minutes long.

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