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Cast: Hugh LaurieOmar EppsRobert Sean LeonardJesse SpencerPeter Jacobson
Genres: DramaMystery
Seasons: 9
Creator: David Shore
Release Date: Nov 16, 2004
Dr. Gregory House, a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medical genius, leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

How to watch House

Amazon Prime Video
Seasons available: 1-8
Peacock Premium
Seasons available: 1-8

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House Specials Episode Guide

  • S1 | E1Unaired Pilot
  • S2 | E2An Evening With House
  • S3 | E3An Insider's Guide
  • S4 | E4Get Happy
  • S5 | E5Swan Song
  • S6 | E6The Concept
  • S7 | E7Casting Sessions With Hugh Laurie
  • S8 | E8Medical Cases
  • S9 | E9Set Tour
  • S10 | E10House-isms
  • S11 | E11Dr. House
  • S12 | E12Blooper Reel: Season 2
  • S14 | E14It Could Be Lupus
  • S16 | E16Blooper Reel: Season 3
  • S17 | E17Anatomy Of An Episode: The Jerk
  • S18 | E18House Soundtrack Session
  • S19 | E19Open House: The Production Office
  • S20 | E20Blood, Needles and Body Parts
  • S21 | E21House's Soap
  • S22 | E22New Beginnings
  • S23 | E23Meet The Writers
  • S24 | E24The Visual Effects of House
  • S25 | E25Anatomy of A Scene: The Bus Crash
  • S26 | E26My Favorite Episode So Far
  • S27 | E27House Meets A Milestone: The 100th Episode
  • S28 | E28Keeping It Real: Accuracy In Writing
  • S29 | E29Dr. Mom: Cuddy's story line
  • S30 | E30Anatomy Of A Teaser: House Divided
  • S31 | E31House Guests: Casting the Show
  • S32 | E32A Different POV: Concept meeting for episode 'Lockdown'
  • S33 | E33Before Broken. Backstory
  • S34 | E34A New House for House
  • S35 | E35New Faces in A New House
  • S36 | E36Crazy Cool Episode: Epic Fail
  • S37 | E37Anatomy of an Episode: Bombshells
  • S38 | E38Thirteen Returns
  • S39 | E39Meet Martha Davis
  • S40 | E40Huddy - Dissected
  • S41 | E41The Doctor Directs: Behind The Scenes with Hugh Laurie
  • S42 | E42Everybody Dies: A Postmortem

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Frequently Asked Questions about House:

Is House still in production?

No, House is not in production.

When was the last episode of House aired?

The last episode of House aired on 2012-05-21.

When did House first air?

House first aired on 2004-11-16.

How many seasons does House have?

House has 8 seasons.

How many episodes does House have?

House has 177 episodes.

How long are House episodes?

House episodes are 44 minutes long.

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