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Where to Watch and Stream Buddha: The Great Departure Free Online

Buddha: The Great Departure poster
Buddha: The Great Departure
Cast: Hidetaka YoshiokaMasato SakaiAi OrikasaJunko TakeuchiSatomi Korogi
Genres: AdventureAnimationDramaHistory
Director: Kouzou Morishita
Release Date: May 28, 2011
Prince Siddhartha is heir to the Shakya kingdom, which is constantly at war with the more powerful Kosala kingdom. His father tries to raise as him as a warrior leader and to shield him from the miseries of the world. Meeting the young outcast girl Migaila, Siddhartha experiences love for the first time but also witnesses the suffering that afflicts humankind. Meanwhile, in Kosala, Chapra rises through the military, despite his lowly origins, to become a hero and general of the army. A final showdown between the two kingdoms forces Siddhartha to re-evaluate the path he is following.

How to watch Buddha: The Great Departure

Buddha: The Great Departure is not available to stream now in US.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Buddha: The Great Departure:

When was Buddha: The Great Departure released?

The original release date of Buddha: The Great Departure was on 2011-05-28.

How long is Buddha: The Great Departure?

Buddha: The Great Departure is 111 minutes long.

What is the original title of Buddha: The Great Departure?

The original title of Buddha: The Great Departure is "手塚治虫のブッダ -赤い砂漠よ!美しく-".

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