Where Is Miss Nagatoro From? Hayase’s Skin Color Explained

Where Is Miss Nagatoro From Hayase’s Skin Color Explained Hayase Nagatoro

Where Is Miss Nagatoro From Hayase’s Skin Color Explained Hayase Nagatoro

Hayase Nagatoro from Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro is an iconic anime character because of her unique personality as a sadodere who enjoys teasing her senpai, who also happens to be her crush. She also has a tanned complexion that makes her stand out from other female characters. So, where is Miss Nagatoro from?

Almost all anime characters have pale white skin because most Japanese people have that skin tone. So when Hayase debuted in the anime, a lot of viewers were intrigued about where she was from.

Is she Japanese or did she come from a foreign country? Keep reading to find out!

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Who Is Miss Nagatoro?

Who Is Miss Nagatoro Hayase
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Hayase Nagatoro, or Miss Nagatoro, as she is called by her senpai, Naoto Hachiouji, is a high school student at Kazehaya High School. As the female protagonist of the slice-of-life anime, she is known for being popular, athletic, and energetic.

She is also part of the cool kids' group as she is an ace member of the swimming team.

Hayase enjoys martial arts, particularly judo, which is why she joined the judo club eventually.

Who Is Miss Nagatoro Hayase and Naoto
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More importantly, she enjoys teasing Naoto so much that it seems like she's torturing him, hence the title of the series.

At first, Hayase appears like a typical bully, but it was later on revealed that she has feelings for Naoto, and the only way she can express her feelings for him is by teasing him.

She also teaches him to stand up for himself and improve his personality as the series progresses.

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Where Is Miss Nagatoro From?

Where Is Miss Nagatoro From Hayase
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Based on the manga, Hayase is from Hayama, Kanagawa, in Japan. She is a pure-blooded Japanese, and the main reason she has a tanned complexion is that she simply likes it, which is not surprising given her unique personality.

She likes to do unique stuff and is not afraid to do whatever she likes, even if it means bullying her ultimate crush.

At first, a lot of fans assumed that she is tanned because she is part of the swimming team and thus developed a darker skin tone eventually.

However, the swimming team does not meet all year long, so it wouldn't be enough reason for her to be consistently tanned.

Where Is Miss Nagatoro From Hayase
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In the manga, Hayase confirms this herself. She did not specifically say why she chooses to be so, but her tanned complexion suits her, nonetheless.

Thanks to her tanned skin tone, Hayase makes herself stand out more in addition to her cheerful personality.

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