Is Sweet Home Season 2 Coming Out in October 2022?

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Sweet Home season 1 Song Kang as Cha Hyun soo holding spear walking up stairs
Credit: Netflix

Sweet Home will be making its way back to Netflix for seasons 2 and 3. Despite gaining popularity on the streaming platform, it took 18 months for an official announcement to be made by the show's producers. And along with this, they have revealed that they have already started production on Sweet Home Season 2.

Here's what we know about the Netflix Original apocalyptic K-Drama so far.

Has Sweet Home Been Renewed?

Back in June 2022, Studio Dragon confirmed that Sweet Home has been renewed for two more seasons. The production company also revealed that they have already started filming the second season. They are also known for other hits such as Love Alarm, Crash Landing On You, and My Holo Love.

Before the second season was renewed, there were reports that filming had started, especially since Song Kang (as Cha Hyun Soo)'s manager shared some photos on his Instagram account. The first photo is a blood-stained shoe with a caption in the photo (translated to English): "it has started…" The succeeding photos shared are a script for episode 1 and a set photo.

When the photos first leaked to the public, many were doubtful about its legitimacy since the series had not yet been renewed. But now, it looks like this is no longer being questioned.

When is Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date?

Sweet Home season 1 Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung kicking something down
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Credit: Netflix

Taking into consideration that filming for Sweet Home Season 1 took eight months to complete, it's possible that we could see the show return on Netflix by February 2023. But we might also have to wait until December 2023, if something comes up. This will all depend on how long they film the scenes and do post-production work on their material.

It's also worth considering that the producers of the show intend to film Sweet Home Season 3 right after the second season. This could mean that we'll likely see the second season by summer of 2023.

Sweet Home Season 2 Story: What to Expect

Sweet Home season 1 Lee Jin-wook as Pyeon Sang-wook in a red room staring at camera
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Credit: Netflix

The season finale of Sweet Home's first season left us with so many cliffhangers. And we already look forward to the production team answering those questions in season 2. The first question we have is what happened to Sang-Wook (played by Lee Jin-wook). In the last episode, we saw Sang-Wook dying in his own blood after he tried to help Yoo-ri (played by Go Yoon Jung). But then, fans were in for a surprise as a scarless Sang-Wook drove Cha Hyun Soo away in a military van. Could this be Jung Ui-Myeong (played by Kim Sung-cheol) in possession of Sang-Wook's body?

Another question that needs answering is whether Eun Hyuk (played by Lee Do Hyun) is dead. The fan favorite character started to bleed as he sacrificed himself so others can be saved. Has his transformation been completed before he got buried under the apartment rubble?

Not to mention, Yi Kyung (played by Lee Si-young) will likely be on the hunt for Cha Hyun Soo now that she has learned what happened to her fiance, Nam Sang Won (played by Lee Sin-Seong). Will she be able to find her fiance in the second season? Is he even alive by now?

And finally, we can't help but wonder what destiny awaits the rest of the survivors of Green Homes. Will they be safe with the military?

Hopefully, we'll get our answers when Sweet Home Season 2 airs.

Who's Part of Sweet Home Season 2 Cast?

Sweet Home Season 2 cast selfie shared by Netflix
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Credit: Netflix

Thankfully, most of our favorite Sweet Home Season 1 characters will be reprising their roles in the next season. These characters have been confirmed to return for Sweet Home Season 2:

  • Song Kang (as Cha Hyun soo)
  • Lee Jin-wook (as Pyeon Sang-wook)
  • Lee Si-young (as Seo Yi-kyung)
  • Go Min-si (as Lee Eun-yoo)
  • Park Gyu-young (as Yoon Ji-soo)
  • Go Yoon-jung (as Park Yoo-ri)
  • Kim Sang-ho (as Han Du-sik)

One character that many are hoping to return to Season 2 is Lee Do Hyun, who plays Eun Hyuk in the series. In the finale, it is unclear if he survives when the building crumbles over him. In an interview with XSports News (via ALLKPOP), the young actor said: "I've received many questions about the ending of season one. I also thought a lot about what is going to happen to Eunhyuk since we don't know if his bleeding at the end is nose bleed or not. Also, he could have died when the building fell on him."

"If I were to appear in season two, I wonder if Lee Eun Hyuk will take off his glasses after his eyesight gets better from becoming a monster. I think it would be good to also appear as a monster that saves people alongside Pyeong Sang Wook. But I'm not sure if I'll appear in season two or not, so I'm afraid I will be disappointed when I don't. I think the decision on my appearance in season two depends on the director, but I definitely want to participate if I am cast for season 2."

So there's no official confirmation yet on whether the crowd favorite actor will be reprising his role, but there are some new additions to the cast. Netflix has confirmed that Season 2 will introduce new characters played by these actors:

  • Yoo Oh-seong
  • Oh Jung-se
  • Ki Moo-yeol
  • Jung Jin-young

Early in September, it was announced that K-Pop actress BIBI (also known as Hyung-seo) will be joining the cast of Sweet Home Season 2. Unfortunately, the actress stepped down from the role just a few weeks after the report was confirmed. The reason behind her exit was due to scheduling conflicts.

Another actress has started filming her scenes but her name has not been released by production.


Is There a Sweet Home Season 2 Trailer Out Yet?

Sweet Home title teaser for Season 2 and 3
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Credit: Netflix

As of this writing, there is no Sweet Home Season 2 trailer yet.

Filming for the show only started in June 2022, when it was confirmed to have been renewed. And it's possible that they don't have material yet for the upcoming season to use in a teaser trailer.

When it was announced, Netflix released a video for Season 2 and Season 3. You can watch the announcement here:

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