Meet the Love Is Blind Season 3 Contestants

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Zach, Alexa in Love is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

Good news to all hopeless romantics! Netflix's hit blind dating show is confirmed to return for a third season and it's coming real soon!

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Here's what we know about Love Is Blind Season 3.


Will There Be a Love Is Blind Season 3?

Raven, DaVonte in Love is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

Yes! As confirmed by show creator Chris Coelen in an interview with Metro:

"Yes, we've already filmed season three. Every season is totally unique. Season three is a very different being than either season one or season two."

When Does Love Is Blind Season 3 Come Out?

Andrew, Valerie in Love Is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 3 is set to be released on October 19, 2022. There will be a total of 12 episodes for this season.

During its premiere, Netflix will release the first four episodes of the show. Episodes 5-7 will be released on October 26 and Episodes 8-10 are scheduled for November 2. The wedding and reunion episodes will be released on November 9.

Where Is Love Is Blind Season 3 Being Filmed?

Ashley, Julian in Love is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

With a promise that each season is different than the last, Love Is Blind Season 3 has a new filming location. Netflix brought the pods down to Dallas, Texas for Love Is Blind Season 3.

The first two seasons were filmed in Atlanta and Chicago.

What Is Love Is Blind Season 3 About?

Zanab, Anthony in Love Is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 3 follows the format of the first two seasons where a group of single men and women are separated by a wall and some pods. They get to know their potential mates inside these pods without getting a hint of what they look like. There are also no distractions from the outside world, so they can really focus on looking for their future spouse.

Once a couple creates a meaningful connection, they propose to the other individual and are given a chance to meet for the first time. During their engagement, they get to know each other more and decide whether they will get married for real at the end of the show.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast

Sikiru, Kalekia in Love Is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey are confirmed to return as the hosts for the third season. There will be 30 contestants looking for their potential mate in this season, which is composed of 15 men and 15 women.

Some of the contestants include:

  • Alexa Alfia, 27, Insurance Agency Owner
  • Amanda Peterson, 31, Stylist
  • Andrew Liu, 30, Director of Operations
  • Anthony LaScalea, 33, Attorney
  • Ashley Randermann, 29, Chiropractor
  • Bartise Bowden, 27, Senior Analyst
  • Brannigan Maxwell, 35, Critical Care Nurse
  • Brennon Lemieux, 32, Water Treatment Engineer
  • Charita Scott, 32, Makeup Artist
  • Chelsey Jordan, 27, Customer Success Manager
  • Cole Barnett, 27, Realtor/Reality Star
  • Colleen Reed, 26, Ballet Dancer/Digital PR Strategist
  • Dakota Easley, 29, Aerospace Engineer
  • Dale Dalida, 32, Cybersecurity Student
  • DaVonte Black, 29, Fitness Development Coach
  • Jessica 'Jess' Gumbert, 30, Senior Event Producer
  • Julian Torres, 34, Managing Director of Operations
  • Kalekia Adams, 31, ICU Nurse Practitioner
  • Kimberlee Clarke, 30, Teacher/Coach
  • Loren Langenbeck, 36, Medical Device Representative
  • Matt Bolton, 28, Private Charter Sales Executive
  • Nancy Rodriguez, 32, Real Estate Investor
  • Nash Buehler, 34, Realtor
  • Raven Ross, 29, Fitness Instructor
  • Sikiru "SK" Alagbada, 34, Data Engineer
  • Simmer Bajwa, 27, Director of Marketing Technology
  • Tony Taylor, 34, Medical Device Sales Representative
  • Valerie Truong, 35, Dermatologist
  • Zach Gordon, 29, Interior Quality Control Manager
  • Zanab Jaffrey, 32, Realtor

Love Is Blind Season 3 Trailer

Nancy, Nash in Love Is Blind Season 3
Credit: Netflix

Here's the official trailer of the third season of Love Is Blind:


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