Is Happiness Season 2 Coming Out in October 2022?

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Happiness Han Hyo-Joo as Yoon Sae-bom holding a gun towards camera
Credit: iQiyi K-Drama

Back in November 2021, Happiness aired on TvN as a series that got a weekly release. The zombie apocalyptic series was then picked up by Netflix in April 2022. By this time, however, those who watched the series on TvN already knew what transpired in the 12-episode series. Still, fans can't help but wonder if the unique zombie series will be getting renewed for a Season 2.

Here's what we know about Happiness Season 2 so far:

Will There Be Happiness Season 2?

Happiness Jo Woo-jin as Han Tae-seok sits on office chair watching CCTV
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Credit: iQiyi K-Drama

Unfortunately, Happiness has not yet been renewed for a second series. It is unclear whether the show will be getting renewed at this point, considering how the series ended in the first season.

In fact, Pinkvilla reported that the show "was never reviewed or discussed a seasonal system, so it will end with episode 12 as scheduled."

This is actually a huge change for shows under the same genre. Other series have ended with a cliffhanger that left fans wondering what would happen in a future season.

In Happiness' case, the show ended on a positive note and all the important characters got cured from the virus. So it's a huge question on how the showrunners will decide to deviate from that ending and give the characters a new villain to face.

Still, fans of the show remain hopeful that the producers will have a change of heart. This is particularly true since Happiness got a lot of viewership and high ratings from critics.

Happiness Season 2: Possible Plot

Happiness Park Hyung-sik as Jung Yi-hyun staring straight into camera
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Credit: iQiyi K-Drama

Again, Happiness Season 1 ended without any cliffhangers. Fans of the show did not get disappointed with how the story progressed and the many surprises that came along with it. So there's not much material for the showrunners to work on if ever they decide to renew the show for a second season.

Our prediction here is that Happiness Season 2 could be a prequel or a spinoff series that would deviate from the original zombie apocalypse theme of the show. Instead, it might decide to focus more on the side story of the mysterious serial killer, Andrew (played by Ju-seung Lee).

If this is the case, it's likely that the show could introduce a whole set of characters that would probably include the victims of the killer along with a backstory on how he got to the apartment complex in the first place.

Again, this is our own prediction, which would honestly be very interesting to see.

Potential Happiness Season 2 Cast

Happiness Park Han Hyo-Joo as Yoon Sae-bom looks up at sky with a blurry Park Hyung-sik as Jung Yi-hyun in the background
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Credit: iQiyi K-Drama

If the producers of the show decide to renew Happiness for a second season, we'll likely see the same characters on screen. The list includes:

  • Han Hyo-Joo (as Yoon Sae-bom)
  • Park Hyung-sik (as Jung Yi-hyun)
  • Jo Woo-jin (as Han Tae-seok)
  • Lee Jun-hyeok (as Kim Jung-guk)
  • Baek Hyun-jin (as Oh Joo-hyung)
  • Han Da-sol (as Bo-ram)
  • Park Hee-von (as Na Hyun-Kyung)
  • Lee Ji-ha (as Jo Ji-hee)
  • Moon Ye-won (as Woo Sang-hee)

Is There a Happiness Season 2 Trailer?

Happiness Park Jo Woo-jin as Han Tae-seok stands between two green container vans filled with infected people
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Credit: iQiyi K-Drama

As of this writing, there is no Happiness Season 2 trailer available online. The show has not yet been renewed for a Season 2. There is a 50-50 chance that it won't be renewed, given how Season 1 ended.

In the meantime, you can watch this Behind-the-Scenes footage from a couple episodes shared by iQIYI K-Drama.

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