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Is Fear Street 4 Coming Out in March 2023?

Fear Street Sadie Sink as Ziggy Berman looking into the camera
Credit: Netflix

In July 2021, Netflix's horror franchise, Fear Street, ended after three successful movies. The trilogy ended with the revelation that haunted Shadyside town for centuries. This left many wondering whether this is the last we'll see of the franchise or there is a Fear Street 4 in the works.

We're curious to and we've gathered just about every single information available on the possibility of the movie.

Fear Street 4 Story: What Is It About?

Fear Street characters on the ground
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Credit: Netflix

The trilogy is based on the novels written by R. L. Stine. He's the famed author behind the Goosebumps books, which was also adapted for both TV and film that starred Jack Black. But unlike the Goosebumps series, Fear Street is not targeted towards young readers.

Fear Street is a series of books that have been adapted into three films that take place in 1994, 1978, and 1666. The book is set in a fictional town called Shadyside and follows some teenagers as they try to survive a curse cast by a witch on the town. The deadly curse possesses someone from town every generation as he goes on a killing spree.

In the last movie, Fear Street: 1666, the investigation takes the group to 1666 (hence the title) to discover the history behind the deadly curse that has plagued the town for centuries. With this discovery, many are looking forward to a fourth film especially after the book of spells were taken by a mysterious person.

So will there be a fourth film?

Will There Be a Fear Street Part 4?

Fear Street titles
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Credit: Netflix

In an interview with Collider, director and co-writer Leigh Janiak confirmed that the post-credit scene wasn't just poking fun at the trilogy's fans. The director revealed that they "have ideas" on how they can expand Fear Street beyond the trilogy.

In the interview, Janiak shared how she intends to turn Fear Street into the horror version of the MCU. Considering the films are based on the books of R. L. Stine, there is a lot of source material to work with. The movies take place in the same universe as the 30 books under Stine's Fear Street series.

Unfortunately, it all depends on Netflix's decision on whether they plan to continue with the series. When the trilogy was first ready for release, it wa scheduled to launch in cinemas in June 2020. But since that didn't happen, Netflix bought the trilogy and debuted the films a year after the original release plan.

Considering Netflix has not announced any plans to create Fear Street 4, expecting a release this year or next year seems impossible. If they intend to release a fourth film, viewers will need to wait a while longer to give way for production to finish.

It's also important to note that there are reports that R. L. Stine is creating more films with Netflix. Stine was quoted saying (via Bloody Disgusting): “I…hear rumors about more Fear Street movies for Netflix, because the first ones did so well last summer. Those films kind of shocked me, because they were all R-rated, and I’ve never done anything R-rated! All those teenagers were getting slashed. I was like, ‘Suddenly, I have a slasher movie!’”

Nothing's official yet. We'll have to wait until Netflix makes an official announcement regarding its plans for Fear Street 4 and its future.

Fear Street 4 Cast: Who's Coming Back?

Fear Street Maya Hawke as Heather smiling
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Credit: Netflix

If indeed Netflix gives the nod to Fear Street for a fourth film, we can expect a handful of characters to return based on the third movie's cliffhanger scenes. Some of the characters we've seen in the films include:

  • Sadie Sink (as Ziggy Berman)
  • Chiara Aurelia (as Sheila)
  • Maya Hawke (as Heather)
  • Kiana Madeira (as Sarah Fier, Deena)
  • Olivia Scott Welch (as Sam Fraser)
  • Emily Rudd (as Cindy Berman)
  • Ryan Simpkins (as Alice)
  • Mccabe Slye (as Tommy Slater)
  • Ted Sutherland (as Nick Goode)

Some of these actors have even played multiple character as their ancestors. This means that the door is pretty much open to bring back these characters even if they were killed off in a previous film.

Is There a Fear Street 4 Trailer Online?

Fear Street villain wearing costume
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Credit: Netflix

Since Fear Street 4 hasn't been confirmed yet, there is likely any footage for the producers to use in a trailer. So, no, there isn't a Fear Street 4 trailer available online just yet.

If you missed out on this trilogy, you can binge-watch it on Netflix for the timebeing. And you can also check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video released by Netflix:

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