Is End of the Road Coming in September 2022?

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End of the Road, Queen Latifah as Brenda standing in the middle of the desert
Credit: Netflix

The Queen is back! And by Queen, we mean Queen Latifah. The American rapper/actress, known as Dana Elaine Owens in real life, will be the lead in Netflix's upcoming thriller, End of the Road. This is a Netflix Original crime thriller movie by Millicent Shelton. David Loughery wrote the story with a script by Christopher J. Moore. Apart from starring in the movie, Queen Latifah is listed as one of the eleven producers.

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After dropping the trailer of the movie, many can't help but compare it with the John Wick films, only with Queen Latifah as the lead. If this movie intrigues you, here are all the things you need to know about it:


End of the Road Release Date

End of the Road, Queen Latifah as Brenda holidng a gun
Credit: Netflix

End of the Road has received an R rating for its strong/bloody violence, sexual content, drug use, and language. Since it will be released by Netflix, it will only be available to those who have a subscription to the streaming platform. Otherwise, there won't be any other option to watch the movie.

So when will it be released? End of the Road release date on Netflix has been scheduled for Friday, September 9, 2022 at 12:00 am PT. It has a total runtime of one hour and 29 minutes.

End of the Road Story

End of the Road, Queen Latifah as Brenda creeping to the door next to them

Considering she plays the role of Robyn McCall from The Equalizer series, it's easy to compare Latifah's performance in the two projects. But it's important to know that Latifah's role in the new film doesn't pale in comparison to the series.


Of course, it's not something that should be compared since her role in End of the Road is a mom who's taking her family on a road trip.

On Netflix's Media Center, the official synopsis of the film reads:

"In this high-octane action thriller, a cross-country road trip becomes a highway to hell for Brenda (Queen Latifah), her two kids and her brother Reggie (Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges).

After witnessing a brutal murder, the family finds themselves in the crosshairs of a mysterious killer. Now alone in the New Mexico desert and cut off from any help, Brenda is pulled into a deadly fight to keep her family alive. Directed by Millicent Shelton, END OF THE ROAD also stars Beau Bridges, Mychala Faith Lee, Shaun Dixon and Frances Lee McCain."

The summary is pretty much self-explanatory and does a pretty good job unveiling what we can expect from this new Queen Latifah-Ludacris film.

End of the Road Cast

End of the Road Queen Latifah as Brenda, Ludacris as Reggie, 2 kids, holding hands and praying
Credit: Netflix

We mentioned that Queen Latifah will be the main star in End of the Road as Brenda. Sharing the spotlight with her is Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, who plays the role of Brenda's brother, Reggie. The other actors that will be in the movie include the following:

  • Queen Latifah (as Brenda)
  • Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges (as Reggie)
  • Beau Bridges
  • Travis Hammer (as Skinny)
  • Keith Jardine (as Mace)
  • Jesse Lukeen (as Harvey Ruck)
  • Amiee MacKenzie (as Lucy)
  • Frances Lee McCain (as Val)
  • Tabatha Shaun (as Shelby)
  • Aaron Valentine (as Zach)
  • Efrain Villa (as Pepe Ochoa)
  • Mychala Lee (as Kelly Freeman)

Where to Watch End of the Road Trailer Online?

End of the Road Queen Latifah as Brenda looking at something
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released a trailer for End of the Road. In the trailer, we actually get a glimpse of what happens in the movie. As revealed by one of the kids, they are planning to move to Houston. Along the way, they decide to stop at a motel in New Mexico to get some sleep.

In the middle of the night, they awaken to some strange noises coming from the room beside theirs. As Brenda (Latifah) and Reggie (Ludicris) investigate, they find a man fighting for his life. They also spot some cash in a safe and decide to take it with them.

The person responsible for the man's murder discovers that it was them who took the money and goes after them. Brenda's kids get taken and she must give them back the money. And Brenda proves that she would do anything to keep her family safe.

You can watch the trailer here:


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