What Type of Nen Does Gon Have in Hunter x Hunter?

What Type of Nen Does Gon Have?

What Type of Nen Does Gon Have?

Hunter x Hunter has a power structure called Nen. It is a technique that allows an individual to manipulate and control their Aura, improving his or her physical abilities or do other skills needed during battles. Does Gon have Nen? What type of Nen does he have?

There are six Nen types: Enhancement, Transmutation, Emission, Manipulation, Conjuration, and Specialization.

In order to determine one’s Nen type, he or she must undergo Water Divination wherein they perform Ren. Then, place their hands around the glass of water with a leaf floating on top.

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What Type of Nen Does Gon Have?

Hunter x Hunter Gon's Nen Type
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Gon is an Enhancer. Users under this category are known to be determined and simple-minded. They don’t lie and are straightforward. However, their actions and words are dominated by their feelings, which explains why Gon’s power improves massively when he is emotional.

This type of Nen allows the user to improve one’s natural abilities, like their body or chosen object. This ability makes them great at defense and attack, ideal for melee combat.

Expert enhancers can improve their bodies and be more durable. They can even generate a missile using force and release it on one blow, just like Gon’s Jajanken.

In the series, it was emphasized that Gon has different power levels. His regular level alone can do serious damage.

In one episode, Knuckle had to use Ko to defend himself against Gon. But Gon’s regular level is nothing like his beyond 100.

This level appeared during the Chimera Ant Arc wherein Gon had to pump himself and create a contract that almost took Gon's life to defeat Neferpitou.

It is important to note that since Gon is an Enhancer, his attacks are not normal. His Jajanken is not a super punch as it is actually a concentrated attack that is similar to tens of normal hits. In other terms, it is 20x more powerful than a base punch.

Jajanken has three variations: scissors, rock, and paper. Scissors have the same degree as Rock while Paper boosts his attack by 25% as compared with Rock.

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