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What Is Sukuna’s Mysterious Cursed Energy Technique?

Also known as Sukuna, Ryomen Sukuna is a cursed spirit and the antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is popularly known as the King of Curses. More than 1,000 years ago, he was a human sorcerer, too powerful that all the other sorcerers wanted to defeat him.

When he died, he became a cursed spirit. His curse was too strong that his body was not totally destroyed despite dying for over a thousand years. His 20 fingers remained and were preserved in grave wax. These were considered cursed objects that grow strong when gathered. One day, Yuji Itadori swallowed one of Sukuna’s fingers and became the vessel of the King of Curses.



What Is Sukuna’s Mysterious Cursed Energy Technique?

What Is Sukuna’s Mysterious Cursed Energy Technique? 1
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Aside from those that were mentioned, there is still a lot of things that fans do not know about Sukuna. A lot of fans have been wondering about his mysterious cursed energy technique. Frankly, as a powerful cursed spirit, Sukuna is expected to have a powerful technique/s under his sleeve.

His first ability to be revealed was the manipulation of his body and now Yuji’s body. After Yuji became a vessel, the jujutsu sorcerer oftentimes develops another set of eyes below his original pair that are closed when he is in control of his body. Sukuna can also develop a mouth in different parts of Yuji’s body. Whenever Sukuna is in control, he can do whatever he wanted with Yuji’s body, including ripping out the sorcerer’s heart.


Sukuna can also use the Reverse Cursed Technique so he can heal others and himself. This was proven in chapter 8 when the King of Curses healed Yuji’s hand and once again in Chapter 117 when Sukuna healed Fushiguro. This special ability showed how advanced Sukuna’s skills areas only a few can do this.

In chapter 119 of the manga, it was explained that Sukuna has two slashing attacks called Cleave and Dismantle. Cleave is an attack that can be adjusted based on the victim’s ability while Dismantle is a slashing attack.

He can also manipulate fire as seen during the Shibuya Incident arc. Of course, he has a domain expansion which is known as an ultimate Jujutsu ability. But instead of creating a barrier, as other sorcerers do, he encompasses 200 meters and causes destruction on a bigger scale.

Since the manga is still ongoing, there is a chance that more of Sukuna’s skills will be revealed. For now, fans can get the latest update here.

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