What If…?: New Spider-Man Actor Breaks Silence on Replacing Tom Holland

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios struck gold with the creation of What If...?, an animated series that explores the ever-expanding multiverse of the MCU. The series features alternate stories featuring the characters we know and love but unfortunately, not every actor from the billion-dollar franchise was able to reprise their respective characters in the hit Disney+. One of them was Spider-Man actor Tom Holland who was featured in the thrilling Zombies episode.

Actor Hudson Thames got the call of a lifetime from Marvel to audition for the role but apparently, he wasn't told which character he'll be playing. In fact, he was initially told that he was auditioning for a brand new character that didn't exist in the current MCU continuity. Speaking with The Direct, Thames finally broke his silence about the monumental opportunity.

Explaining the entire audition process, he said: "It was honestly a pretty standard procedure in terms of arriving at the role. I got called for this audition, and I wasn't told anything about it. It wasn't for Spider-Man. It was for something that doesn't exist. It's funny, they walked me through at Disney, all the underground secret tunnels or whatever. I was a super, super, super on the low situation. I went and read a bunch of dialogue. Got a call a week later and said we are going to this thing. I signed a bunch of papers saying I wasn't going to talk about it. And then we did the dang thing."
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It'll be interesting to see if Holland will finally be able to play Spidey in Season 2 of What If...? assuming of course our favorite web-slinger will be part of the series. While I'd be down for it, I honestly wouldn't mind if Marvel Studios asked Hudson Thames to return to the recording booth. I think he did exceptionally well and it'll be great to see him continue voicing the character.

What If...? is now streaming on Disney+.

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