Westworld: James Marsden Confirmed to Return in Season 4

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We're now just a few weeks away before Westworld returns to our screens. However, most of the plot details are still under wraps and the people behind the show are still secretive about what they have in store for the upcoming season. Now, it looks like they have revealed an interesting detail surrounding the return of a beloved former main cast member.

Per Deadline, during the show's recent ATX Festival panel, co-creator Lisa Joy confirmed that Evan Rachel Wood is indeed going to be part of the upcoming season (which was already confirmed by the teaser trailer) although she will be playing a new character named Christina since Dolores already died at the end of the third season.

"Dolores is dead. But I really like Evan and she’s also kind of clinging so I had to bring her back. We write a whole new character for her," Joy said.

Wood also added, "She’s a normal woman living in a big city just trying to make it as a writer. Nothing ever happens to her, really. I think that’s all I can say. I was told that Dolores was meeting her rather tragic end in Season 3, so I had some convos with [co-creator] Jonathan [Nolan] and Lisa at the time about what that meant. They said, ‘Yeah, you’ll be back this season and you’ll look a lot like Evan Rachel Wood but I’m not me."

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The panel also revealed that at some point in the series, Christina will be dating and go on a date who looks like James Marsden. This is where the actor made his surprise appearance in the panel and confirmed that he will be returning in the fourth season after playing Teddy Flood in the first two seasons.

"Sometimes you have to go away to come back," Marsden said. "We learn to speak cryptically on this show. This has been 7 years of our show and yeah, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of and see where the story goes. From the beginning, I didn’t know where it was all gonna go but I’m glad to see it now."

It is exciting to hear that Marsden will return in the upcoming season since he was beloved when he appeared in the first two seasons and who wouldn't also like more appearances from the actor who has been popping up a lot lately whether it's on the Sonic the Hedgehog films or the Netflix series Dead to Me. It would be interesting to see what he will do in his upcoming appearance and how he will play in the story of the season.

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The fourth season of Westworld is set to premiere on June 26 on HBO and HBO Max.

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