Westworld Co-Creator Shares Plans for Season 5

Westworld has just concluded with its fourth season but it looks like everyone is already looking forward to the next chapter. So what can we expect if the series is renewed for a fifth and final season? Co-creator Lisa Joy has just shared plans for Season 5.

In Westworld Season 4, both humans and hosts are being wiped out – and Dolores realizes that the two cannot exist in the real world. After Charlotte uploads Dolores' control unit into the Sublime, Dolores decides to attempt to give sentient life another chance at avoiding extinction by recreating the original Westworld park inside the Sublime.

So is this the end or will it work out for hosts and humans in the future? Co-creator Lisa Joy revealed that the producers still have plans beyond the fourth season.

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"From the very beginning, in Season 1, we talked about characters being on loops, and how do you break these loops? The cycles of violence, the cycles of destruction, the cycles of rebuilding. So you’re hoping that with each epicycle, progress is made – that you’re moving toward somewhere good," Joy told The Hollywood Reporter. "Hale has control this season. What role does she make? Ford had control – humans had control – in the first season. What does that look like?"

She continued, "Now we’re moving toward, gods willing, a season in which Dolores has control and the cycle will repeat one last time. How will that be different? What new things can be learned? And, is it possible to even break out of that cycle?"

For now, HBO has not yet renewed Westworld for a fifth season. However, we could be getting an update in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Westworld Season 4 premiered on HBO on June 26 and concluded with its eighth episode on August 14, 2022.

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