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Werewolf by Night Director Clarifies Blade Cameo Rumors

We're now just over a week away before the highly-anticipated MCU TV special Werewolf by Night makes its premiere on Disney+. There have been previous reports that claimed that Mahershala Ali's Blade will make a cameo in the special which was later on debunked by another rumor that claimed that the plan didn't end up happening. So what is actually the deal with the Daywalker's potential cameo in the special?

In a recent interview with One Take News, director Michael Giacchino was asked to address the rumors that Blade will make an appearance in the special. While he neither confirms nor denies the claims, he did make an interesting comment about how rumors are always "insanely accurate" all the time.

"You know what, rumors are insanely inaccurate I would say…99.9% of the time. The thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is everyone thinks that every single thing is going to be connected. Every single thing. And it doesn’t mean that we’re not connected," Giacchino said.

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"But, I didn’t feel the need to blatantly say we were. You know, every other show has done that and they’ve done it brilliantly and I thought “you know what?”, when I was a kid, I would pull a comic off the shelf and this particular Werewolf By Night issue had nothing to do with anything else in the Marvel Universe. What’s wrong with that? That’s okay!"

Giacchino is obviously playing coy and didn't actually address the question of whether Blade is appearing in the special or not. It is still interesting to see that he made comments about the MCU rumors that are being spread online and the importance of their connectivity which may or may not hint to us about the Daywalker's potential cameo.

Obviously, they can't properly address the question due to the secret nature of the project and we can only find out the answer once we see the special. Considering that it is part of the supernatural side of the MCU, a Blade appearance wouldn't be a shocking thing to happen.

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Werewolf by Night is set to release on Disney+ this October 7. You can check more details about it here.

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