Wendy Williams Checks Into Wellness Facility to Manage Her Overall Health Amid Next Year’s Highly-Anticipated Comeback on the Wendy Experience Podcast

Credit: The View/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The View/YouTube Screenshot

Wendy Williams decided to focus on her overall health by checking into a wellness facility.

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Wendy Williams Headlined Several Controversies Before Finally Checking Into A Wellness Facility

Her publicist, Shawn Zanotti, confirmed the news with The Sun. He also said that Wendy Williams is trying to get better before her highly-anticipated comeback next year on her podcast, The Wendy Experience.

Before she checked into a wellness facility, Williams was involved in a string of controversies and health issues. Just weeks ago, some of her former staffers on The Wendy Williams Show revealed that they found bottles of alcohol inside her office.

There were also claims that Williams would arrive on set drunk and unable to deliver what was expected of her.

According to Us Weekly, Williams also became addicted to cocaine for an entire decade on top of her health and relationship issues.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2018, Williams called herself a functioning addict.

“I was a functioning addict. They wouldn’t fire me because I was making ratings. It’s a miracle I was able to stop,” she said.

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Wendy Williams Ended Her 21-Year-Marriage To Kevin Hunter In 2020

Of course, fans of Williams know that she has been dealing with some health problems. She was previously diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and other physical ailments.

And her marriage to Kevin Hunter was also plagued with rumors and controversies. Hunter was accused of living a double life and of cheating on Williams. In 2020, the host finally filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years.

During her interview with The Los Angeles Times, Williams said that she didn’t regret meeting Hunter. After all, he is the father of her son, Kevin Jr.

“I’m 56 years old. My breakup project is not destroying my ex-husband. I don’t regret meeting him. We fell in love almost instantly. We’ve been through a lot. I have no regrets about marrying him, and I have no regrets about divorcing him,” she said.

Williams also stressed that she already outgrew her marriage to Hunter and would’ve pushed through with their divorce even if the rumors surrounding him didn’t exist.

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Wendy Williams’ Staffers Had A Goodbye Reel Prepared For Her In Case She Dies

Due to everything that Williams went through on her show, her staffers were forced to prepare a goodbye reel for the host, thinking that she could die at any time.

“It is not unusual for media outlets to prepare obituaries for older stars, or celebrities melting down like Britney Spears. However, to prepare a tribute to say ‘goodbye’ to your own boss was bizarre. Producers had a package edited and ready to go just in case the worst happened. It was basically a highlight reel honoring all Wendy’s greatest moments playing over very sad music,” a source said (via Radar Online).

But right now, the most important thing is that Williams finally decided to prioritize herself.

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