7 Weirdest Reasons Isekai Protagonists Want to Return Home

why isekai protagonists want to return home dazai osamu isekai shikkaku
Credit: Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Shogakukan/“No Longer Allowed in Another World” Production Committee

why isekai protagonists want to return home dazai osamu isekai shikkaku
Credit: Hiroshi Noda, Takuhiro Wakamatsu, Shogakukan/“No Longer Allowed in Another World” Production Committee

While the call of adventure is strong in isekai anime, some of the protagonists want to go home for the weirdest reasons.

From unfinished video games to missing their pets, countless isekai protagonists feel they are missing a lot back home.

After all, home is where the heart is! No huge adventure, epic quest, superpowers, or even a harem of gorgeous girls will persuade these characters to stay in their isekai world.

Note that the following article includes an example that mentions suicide.

  1. Unfinished Video Games, Anime, and Manga

    Many isekai protagonists enjoy video games, anime, and manga before being transported to a fantasy world where they are forced to play the role of hero.

    Yuuki Kagurazaka of TenSura, in particular, has been missing home not because of his loved ones but because of his unfinished anime and manga.

    He is not the series' protagonist, but he is clearly grateful to Rimuru, who is always there to fulfill his anime and manga needs.

    On the other hand, there's Haruto from Am I Actually the Strongest, who discovers a terrific way to re-watch his favorite anime episodes, although he's disappointed that he'll never be able to finish them if he doesn't return to his home world.

  2. They Want to Die in the Real World

    Believe it or not, some isekai protagonists would rather die in the actual world than in the isekai realm, where the possibilities are endless.

    After all, they had intended to leave their home country permanently rather than leaving a fantasy world they didn't have much concern for in the first place.

    Dazai Osamu, from the upcoming isekai anime No Longer Allowed in Another World, is a prime example of this; he plots to commit double suicide with his disciple and lover simultaneously, as with the famous real-life author.

    It did not happen, for they were both isekai'd to another realm. Instead of playing the hero, Dazai wants to find his disciple and lover so he may return home and carry out his plan.

  3. To Attend School and Finish College

    Most protagonists would almost certainly opt to stay in the Isekai realm over attending school.

    It is an Isekai stereotype that the main characters despise the idea of going to school, so they isolate themselves, culminating in a NEET lifestyle.

    However, in Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka and Yui's motivation for returning home is to attend school and finish college.

    They were about to graduate from high school before being drawn into the universe of the four gods, so it's not surprising that they both want to return home to finish their education.

  4. To Purchase Ingredients in the Real World

    While the Isekai world is rich in unusual vegetation and monster meat, it is easier to prepare a good meal with real-world ingredients.

    From seasonings to instant food, using real-world products is more convenient than scouring a monster-infested cave or a forest for herbs.

    Thankfully, Tsuyoshi Mukoda of Campfire Cooking in Another World possesses a vital skill.

    While he lacks powerful abilities, he can access Japan's online grocery store from the isekai world. Cool, right? Still, nothing equals the joy of being able to return home.

  5. To Send Their Mother Home

    This list would be incomplete without Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks, the isekai anime which exemplifies why the main character would wish to return home despite the infinite possibilities of the isekai world.

    Masato Oosuki's wish came true when he was transported into a video game-themed Isekai world, but he did not arrive alone; he was accompanied by his mother, which was not part of the plan.

    With this, Masato has no choice but to find a way to go back home and send his mother away!

  6. They Are Attached to Their Job

    Sasaki and Peeps' Sasaki keeps returning from the isekai world to the actual world because he is attached to his new job as an investigator.

    It's demanding work that makes Sasaki constantly whine, but he'd rather do it than stay in the isekai realm where war exists.

    While Sasaki possesses all of the wealth and power required to begin a new life in the isekai world, he still prefers to return home to the comforts of his apartment and bed.

    Perhaps the air conditioner is pulling Sasaki out of the isekai realm, but we'll never know.

  7. To Become Human Again

    Many isekai protagonists have been reincarnated as objects or animals.

    For instance, the heroes of Reborn as a Vending Machine and Butareba were reborn as a sentient vending machine and a sentient pig, respectively.

    Despite the gorgeous girls by their sides, they hope to return to the real world and resume the lives they abruptly lost.

    After all, walking on two feet and having two hands is still a better living condition.

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