Watch One Piece Red's Uta Perform Live at Jump Festa This Sunday

One Piece Uta Jump Festa

One Piece Uta Jump Festa

While it’s been over a month now since the film’s US release, fans are still in for a treat this Sunday as One Piece Red’s Uta will perform live at Jump Festa 2023 on December 18.

As Shueisha’s major event will be streamed live with English subtitles for the first time, fans can expect to see Uta’s live performance on Sunday as she sings the beloved songs from One Piece Film: Red.

Uta TV Live Tour

Uta might have only been introduced in the latest One Piece film, but she’s already made a mark on the series’ fandom thanks to her interesting characterization, memorable design, and catchy songs.

Aside from being the One Piece world’s most popular singer, the fact that she is the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks makes her an interesting character in the eyes of many fans.

Adding to this is the fact that she’s a childhood friend of Luffy.

It also helps that Uta is a canon character in the series as she has appeared in the manga before, making her one of the few movie characters to be part of the series’ canon.

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The latest One Piece movie not only had Uta as a central character, but it also featured lots of musical performances from Uta whose singing voice is lent by the popular Japanese singer Ado.

It was also announced that her live tour this December included a performance at the recently concluded FNS Music Festival.

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Uta Jump Festa '23 Performance

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Following her performance at FNS Music Festival, One Piece shared a tweet with a special commemorative photo featuring Uta's new look. It also promoted her upcoming Jump Festa performance.

While the announcement didn’t reveal the song list and time of the performance, you can expect to see Uta perform the film’s biggest hit songs such as New Genesis and Tot Musica.

As for the time, Uta will likely perform during the One Piece showcase which will be streamed live on December 18 at 5 PM JST (midnight PST).

After this performance, Uta is set to appear in other events, with her live tour concluding with her NHK New Year program performance on December 31, 2022.

Jump Festa 2023 will be streamed live with English subtitles beginning December 16 PST.

You can watch the live stream on the official JUMP COMICS channel.

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Source: One Piece Film: Red's Twitter account

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