20 Sep 2019 10:47 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch Marvel's Epic Infinity Saga Trailer From SDCC 2019

Remember when the Marvel Studios panel unleashed the trailer for Infinity Saga, an epic box set that will include all of the 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe films at San Diego Comic-Con? The trailer has finally made its way on the internet and you can watch it below.

The trailer starts off exactly where Avengers: Endgame concluded: the sound of Tony Stark hammering down on Mark 1. Tony then launches into a monologue, explaining how the Avengers Initiative began. We're treated to some of the memorable scenes featuring Captain America, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel.


It's an awesome sizzle reel that highlights some of the best moments from The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, Ant-Man and The Wasp, and Iron Man. Of course, it's not complete without Spider-Man's showstopping entrance in Captain America: Civil War.

Although the trailer was first screened at SDCC 2019, it was also used to highlight the works of Victoria Alonso, the Executive Vice President of Production at Marvel Studios, who was the keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH last July. Unfortunately, the two screenings of the Infinity Saga trailer did not confirm when the box set will be dropped. Nevertheless, there is hope that an official announcement will be made in 2020.

It's no surprise that the Infinity Saga trailer opened and concluded with Iron Man, who made the ultimate sacrifice in Endgame. However, there is a possibility that we will see Tony again in Black Widow. There have been reports that Robert Downey Jr. will have a small appearance in the highly anticipated MCU flick but it is still unclear if Downey will shoot any new footage for the movie.

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