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Watch: How To Get The Best Value of Wildcards, Gems & Prize Support in Magic Arena

Wizards of the Coast

Want to get the most value from Magic: The Gathering Arena but not sure where to spend your gold and gems? 

The Professor from Tolarian Community College and Brittany Hamilton a.k.a. MTGNerdgirl have teamed up to give us a lesson about the economy of MTG Arena. According to them, you get more value from draft even though you don't get wildcards from drafting itself because draft can help you gain more vault value, which can get you more wildcards in the long run.

Watch the video below: 


This is a great guide for new Magic Arena players who want to know which events they should focus on to get the most value, and the best way to convert gold to gems. I didn't even know that you can re-roll daily quests until I watched this video. The video also reveals a trick to show your vault progress. Commentor Vector Chan also brought up a better way to check vault progress: 

WIN + R > enter "%appdata%" > Go back a folder > "LocalLow" > "Wizards of the coast" > "MTGA" > open "output_log.txt" > CTRL + F "Vault" The value only updates when you start the game so run it and exit before checking.


Based on my experience, I think ranked draft is the best way to get the most value in the long run but if you need to save time and get wildcards for a deck right away, getting packs with gems is the best way to go. However, I'd rather spend my 5,000 gold on a ranked draft than 5 booster packs. 


Of course, every player has their own preference on how they want to spend their gold and gems. With the

new 3D card styles and other new cosmetics

for your experience, there are even more ways to spend your in-game currency. 



How do you like to spend your gold and gems in

Magic Arena


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