Magic: The Gathering Arena Updates With New 3D Card Styles, Sleeves, Avatars & More

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Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering Arena is getting another update this month and Wizards of the Coast have revealed the new cosmetic changes including new 3D card styles, card backs, and avatars. The update will also add a progression tree and a practice mode with Sparky.


First of all, they're adding a new card style that combines a parallax effect with extended artwork, and it's unique to Magic Arena. Check out this gorgeous Sulfur Falls:

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Wizards of the Coast

And here's Guttersnipe:

More 3D cards will be previous soon. Once a card style is acquired, it can be applied to all cards with that illustration in your collection so you don't need to acquire it more than once. It's also possible to acquire card styles for cards that are currently not in your collection.


Players can also acquire "card sleeves" that allow them to change the way the back of the card looks. They will be able to go to select the design from the deck builder page by clicking on the deck box.

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Wizards of the Coast


The latest Magic Arena update will also be adding 10 new Avatars. Each of the 10 guild leaders will be available.

Check out the latest cosmetics changes in the video below:


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Wizards of the Coast

Players will be able to do Practice Matches with Sparky, who is kind of like Magic Arena's version of Halo's Cortana. New players can use practice matches to gain new experience for rewards.


Wizards of the Coast

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The March update will also add a new progression system for players new to the game. New Magic Arena players will now earn experience when they play, and each level will unlock rewards such as deck upgrades, gold, and more. The new progression system includes a mastery tree that allows players to gradually learn more about the five colors of mana.

The new update will be released on March 27. Are you excited for these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can watch me play Jund Midrange in the video below:

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