The Expansion of Harry Potter Is Just Starting, Warner Bros. Teases

Warner Bros. has been planning an expansion of the Wizarding World of Hogwarts since last year. Initially, WB promised a spinoff would soon be in the works, while reportedly eyeing on The Cursed Child to adapt. However, as it turned out, the company was actually rumored to be developing a complete reboot of the entire Harry Potter franchise.

Now, the most recent release Warner Bros. did was Hogwarts Legacy game, in which it managed to revive the franchise among Potterheads who got to explore the hallways of Hogwarts more vividly and thoroughly. This brought Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Weidenfels to back up his case of wanting to create more out of the Harry Potter franchise.

“Take Harry Potter as an example, the Wizarding World, the fact that we are enjoying this massive success with the Hogwarts Legacy launch, 12 years after the last film came out, shows that there is so much opportunity and we’re only just starting to expand that,” Wiedenfels said during a panel at Morgan Stanley’s investor conference (via Variety).

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“We’ve got the new Harry Potter tour coming up in Tokyo in the middle of the year.” Wiedenfels added, “Long story short, I think this one-company approach, great leadership in the individual business units, but coordinated franchise management is probably one of the biggest opportunities the company has.”

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While Potterheads are confused as to why a Harry Potter reboot would be necessary, it’s no secret that more content from the franchise would do no harm to its previous films. Perhaps stick with the spinoff on casting new actors with a new storyline.

After all, Rupert Grint, who portrayed Ron Weasley in the original franchise, would be more than happy to jump back on that wagon.

It remains to be seen as to what Warner Bros. is planning on doing next for Harry Potter, but it is worth noting that they would be proceeding with what they have in store with or without the franchise author, JK Rowling.

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