The Boys Season 4 Release Date, News & Update: New A-Train Tease + Next Season Expectations

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Credit: Prime Video/YouTube Screenshot

Details remain scant about The Boys Season 4, although now and then, we get some bits of updates that only want us to speed up production all the more.

A photo of Jesse T. Usher's A-Train in a frigid, snow-covered field was recently posted on the show's Twitter page. The most recent photograph hints that the team is utilizing Toronto's winter's natural splendor for their filming.

The actor can be seen dressed in the skin-tight blue costume of his character, minus the recognizable A-Train glasses. Usher is dressed for rough weather and has a bulky jacket on with a fur hood pulled up over his head.

The image is accompanied by a caption that reads, "A-Train to Antarctica."

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The Boys Season 4: What's Known So Far

Although we don't know what to expect in the next season of Prime Video's satirical superhero series, the introduction of new characters hints at what's to come. So far, we know that two new Supes are on the way: Valorie Curry's Firecracker and Susan Heyward's Sister Sage.

Fans were reunited with series creator Eric Kripke and Jensen Ackles last year after working together on Kripke's 15-season-long production, Supernatural. Similarly, The Boys Season 4 will include two additional Supernatural alumni, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Rob Benedict, as well as actor Elliot Knight, in unspecified roles. And, after some absence, Simon Pegg is reprising his role as Hugh Campbell Sr., with Rosemarie Dewitt joining as Hugh's wife and Hughie's (Jack Quaid) mother.

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Of course, with Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty, Antony Starr, Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capone, Chace Crawford, and Colby Minifie all confirmed to return, we can expect to see all our favorites back in action in the forthcoming season.

Homelander's (Starr) recent ascent to the top of the political platform and Butcher's (Urban) continued pursuit of bringing the leader of the Seven down, despite the fact that his time is running short due to his aggressive cancer diagnosis, promise to raise tensions in The Boys Season 4.

Meanwhile, Starlight (Moriarty) has officially joined the titular Supe-crushing gang, with numerous coveted slots now available in the Seven.

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

It may be some time until we learn more about The Boys Season 4 and when we can anticipate it, but in the meantime, the creators of the franchise are delivering fans more The Boys-centered content with the upcoming spinoff series, Gen V.

The show will follow a group of young teens with superhuman talents as they study at Godolkin University to perfect their abilities. While no release date has been announced, a recently released teaser shows that we are in for more carnage.

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