WandaVision: Teyonah Parris Explains How Monica Rambeau Made it Through the Hex

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One of the best moments in WandaVision Episode 7 was the scene where Monica Rambeau forced her way into the static wall to get back into Westview. After all, it resulted in Monica finally showing off her new superpowers. But how did she manage to get through the Hex in the first place? Teyonah Parris explains that it was more than just the cells changing in her body.

Parris recently spoke to Marvel.com about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and working on WandaVision. Interestingly, the Candyman star spoke about that jaw-dropping scene and stated that Monica manages to get through the wall with more than just her powers.

"When I sat down and talked to the [WandaVision team], they explained it to me that through Monica's compassion, through her empathy, and her willingness to put her own body on the line, she sacrifices her own self for what she believes is the greater good [to go back to Westview]," Parris said. "And that happens by passing through this energy field too many times, essentially."

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Parris continued by admitting that director Matt Shakman guided her through the scene by explaining Monica's mindset.


"He had in his mind how it would all mesh together. I just tried to imagine the grief and the heaviness of Monica losing her mom and not being there, and the heaviness of the guilt," she said. "And then essentially at the end, wanting to make her proud, wanting to show [Maria Rambeau] that I will move forward."

That certainly sounds like something that a true superhero would do. With that in mind, we can't wait to see Monica harnessing her powers more properly in the next episode of WandaVision.

But is Monica safe? The last time we see her in the mid-credits scene of Episode 7, she is sneaking around Agnes' house and discovering Agatha Harkness' lair before being discovered by Pietro Maximoff. Unfortunately, the scene cuts off immediately so we're not sure if she's okay. Hopefully, we'll catch up with Monica right away in Episode 8.

The eighth episode ofWandaVision will premiere on Disney+ on February 26.

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