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WandaVision Episode 10 Release Date, Will There Be One?

Credit: Marvel Studios

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WandaVision Episode 10 Release Date would have been the best news everyone will be hearing today as WandaVisionEpisode 9 left some questions unanswered and some stones unturned from the episode itself and on what comes after all that has happened in the small town of Westview and the reality that Wanda has created.

WandaVision Episode 10 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Marvel Studios

WandaVision Episode 9 left many fans and viewers feel all different feelings of heartbreak, peace, confusion, excitement, loneliness, and many other sorts of feelings that we never know could be possible to feel all at the same time.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for WandaVision. Read at your own risk!

The episode started where Episode 8 ended, right in the middle of the street where Wanda and Agatha Harkness are about to have a face-off with Tommy and Billy tied to a string-like spell on their necks. With Wanda now able to use her powers, the epic battle of the witches started. While in the midst of their face-off, White Vision arrives taking Wanda off the ground trying to eliminate her and the Westview Vision appears to save the love of his life.

It's now Wanda versus Agatha and Vision versus White Vision. When Agatha took a spell to take out the enchantment of those in Westview, the residents of the place pile around Wanda, and much to her pain, they exclaimed how they felt hers. To make them stop, she opened the borders of the hex letting the people go.

But, without the hex, the life of Vision and the twins deteriorate. Wanda closes the hex again and this time, S.W.O.R.D. got in. It's the family versus Agatha, White Vision, and S.W.O.R.D. now. It's iconic to hear from Wanda and Vision themselves that while they haven't prepared the twins for anything like that, they were "born for it."

The epic battle ensues and Wanda, it's all Wanda in the end. Monica really got it right. It's all Wanda.

As Wanda faces the truth that she would have to take down the hex for good, she had to say goodbye to their twins and to Vision, again. To Vision, for the third time. But this time, it's with acceptance and she took all the pain herself of losing Vision once more and this time, with their children.

WandaVision Episode 10 Release Date and Time 1
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Wanda takes off and a series of two post-credits scene reveals the Skurlls in the law enforcement facing the now-powered Monica in the theater, and Wanda in her recluse in the mountains while her astral projection is studying the Darkhold.

It would be a joy to have another episode and know what lies beyond Westview now that Wanda is on her own, alone in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the mountains and with the Skrulls infiltrating the law enforcement. It would be the surprise that would bring everyone leaping for happiness that there is more.

However, the director of WandaVision himself, Matt Shakman closes the doors of WandaVision stating that they are wrapping up the show and he doesn't even know that there would be the 10th episode because if so, he would've known who directed it. The director of the show debunks the theory of the secret 10th episode.

Unfortunately, the series already ended. There would be no reason for Marvel to keep an episode secret after the season finale arrived. The 10th episode is not going to happen at all. But, WandaVision isn't fully saying goodbye just yet.

WandaVision Episode 10 Release Date and Time 2
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Before the start of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on March 19, 2021, there would be a special documentary for the behind-the-scenes of the shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe titled Marvel's Assembled and its pilot episode premieres next week with the behind-the-scenes of WandaVision.

This special documentary would feature what happens beyond the screens and show the efforts of the people who made WandaVision possible, from the costumes, to the set design, to the cinematography, to the shooting of the series amidst the ongoing global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, all will be seen in the behind-the-scenes special of WandaVision. It will give everyone a glimpse of what is going on beyond the camera.

So, next week, what's coming isn't the 10th episode, it's the behind-the-scenes of WandaVision.

ASSEMBLED: The Making of WandaVision will be released on March 12, 2021, via Disney+.

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