Is Vision Alive At The End of WandaVision?

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Credit: Marvel
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Warning: If you haven't watched the finale of WandaVision proceed with caution as this article contains spoilers!

Since it began being broadcast on the 15th of January 2021, WandaVision has been extremely popular with Marvel fans. The Disney+ show finale has just been aired and fans are worried about the fate of one of the titular main characters, Vision. Is he alive by the end of the show?


From the first moment WandaVision hit our screens, the show has kept fans' busy with its puzzling twists and turns and its many meta elements – including the decision to name the ninth and finale episode "The Series Finale." From this alone, it becomes apparent that is not a show that gives straightforward answers.

We might know for a fact that Wanda Maximoff – who turns out to be a significant, overpowered agent of chaos magic – is alive, walking a new path, after leaving her new family behind. She now lives alone and will likely become even more powerful as the Scarlet Witch.

Unfortunately for fans of the second titular character, Vision, his fate isn't so straightforward; especially since we first have to unpack what we mean, when we talk about the character "Vision."


Earlier in the show, fans had already speculated that Vision, as we know him, might not actually be alive since he wasn't one of the characters whose tragic fate got officially reversed following the tragic events of Avengers: Endgame (2018). After all, Wanda had visions (pun intended) of his death, and his body began to disintegrate when she attempted to leave Westview – which was nothing more than a way for her to process her grief over her dead lover and finally come to her own as Scarlet Witch.

In that sense, the question boils down to which Vision we mean, when he ask ourselves whether he's alive. The one whose death Wanda was actually grieving throughout the series? Wanda's Westview version of him, known as Hex Vision? Or White Vision, who was contracted by S.W.O.R.D director Hayward to neutralize Wanda?

The key to the answer might be found in a thought experiment called the Ship of Theseus, which is brought up in the series finale. The first Vision is definitely not alive in the way he used to be. White Vision, on the other hand, is now free from Hayward's control, has memories that belonged to Vision up until the moment of his death in Infinity War. None of them is the original Vision, but both of them are, in a way.


White Vision's future is unclear. This is Marvel we're talking about, so this is likely not the last we've seen of him, especially now that he has Vision's memories.

As for Hex Vision, he's gone, along with all the microcosm Wanda had created, including their children, Tommy and Billy. However, this is not to say he will not likely return in some form, especially since Wanda hears her sons calling for help in the mid-credits scene, suggesting this is not the last we've seen of her family.

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