VIXX Ken Returns Following Completion of Military Service

Credit: REALVIXX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: REALVIXX/YouTube Screenshot

VIXX Ken fulfilled his promise and returned safely after completing his military service.

Fans of VIXX, Starlights, had to say goodbye to the boy group's third member to enlist in the military on July 6, 2020. Ken announced his enlistment through a heartfelt letter, saying that he applied to the military band and passed the exam.

It surprised the fans since the announcement of the exact date was sudden, but Ken assured them he would work hard in serving the country while thinking of the memories he made with them.

As he wished Starlights to continue loving him in the future, the K-pop idol indeed received heartwarming messages following his discharge.

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Ken Comes Back From Military!

On Wednesday, the VIXX member marked his return with a new selfie he posted on Instagram.

According to the male idol, he counted his last day while on his final leave as part of the COVID-19 protocol. With his completion, he expressed his gratitude toward his family, VIXX members, friends, and Starlight, who waited for him.

"I'll heal all the feelings of being hurt and having a difficult time until now with my songs!!! Everyone, let's have a healthy and happy year!! Thank you for congratulating me on my discharge, everyone~! I love you!!!!! Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!! !£2," he wrote.

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Aside from his lengthy caption, he also left a comment on the same post, saying that some people assumed he was able to escape from having a shaved head.

Prior to the military enlistments, all participants have to cut their hair as part of the military prerequisites. Ken shared the first look of his hair on July 2, 2020 – a few days before his enlistment.

Ken Gave Starlights Greatest Gift Before Serving Military

As Ken promised new music soon, the K-pop idol previously released a song two days before his enlistment.

His gift, titled Counting One By One, arrived on music streaming platforms on July 4, 2020. It followed his solo debut's mini-album, Greeting, in May of the same year. Ken's first project also introduced its ballad title track, Just for a Moment, which tells the story of two people's excitement and sorrow while being in a relationship.

The VIXX member has yet to reveal details about his plans to create music again.

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