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Bae Doo Na Breaks Silence On Pressures She Faced While Making The Silent Sea

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Bae Doo Na scored the role of space biologist Song Ji-an in The Silent Sea, but there is reportedly something about her character that brings pressure to her life.

The Silent Sea officially became part of the weekly most-watched series soon after arriving on the streaming giant on December 24. The flick features Bae Doo Na, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon, Kim Sun Young, and Lee Moo Saeng as they tell the story of the abandoned research facility's secret while on their mission.

As expected, it secured third place on Netflix's official weekly top 10 charts for non-English series.

But despite the show's success, lead star Bae Doo Na still felt the pressure when she started playing Song Ji-an's role.

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Bae Doo Na Says Her Character Was Delicate

In an interview shared by The Korea Times, the actress spoke up about her character and how she became drawn by how the series unleashed the characters' emotions.

Song Ji-an joins the mission in the series in pursuit of finding out the truth behind the mysterious death of her sister, who was a researcher at the abandoned facility five years ago.

"When I watched the short film, I thought the director took a very smart approach in making a sci-fi flick. I was awed not by its technicality, but how it followed people's emotions," she said. "I've taken part in Hollywood's futuristic flicks like 'Cloud Atlas' so I wondered if it would be possible to make a sci-fi film with a limited budget. But I saw that director Choi could make it happen," she said.

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She added that with the turnaround time and budget allotted for the series, she admitted she is satisfied with what the series has reached so far. As for her character, she described Song Ji-an as a delicate one as the role needs to lead the audience throughout the series.

While she started as a quiet individual, she eventually opened up as the story developed.

Bae Doo Na on Another Brighter Side of the Series

As most Netflix's subscribers already saw the series, the actress started reflecting on the new experience with her co-stars. Far from her usual roles, she had to wear a spacesuit this time.

"I liked it because (wearing a spacesuit) was a new experience… The good thing about being an actor is that I get to live different lives, which I'm thankful for," she said. "At first, it was hard since the suit weighs a lot, but it eventually became fun. It could've been so much harder, but the actors had such good chemistry around the set, so we had a blissful time."

Following the success of The Silent Sea, Bae Doo Na reportedly wants to try different roles in the future – and that plan already hyped the fans.

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