Will There Be Another Fast and the Furious Movie? 2021 Updates and Everything We Know So Far

Credit: The Fast Saga

Credit: The Fast Saga

If you love cars, action, and family stuff, the Fast and the Furious franchise is definitely the one for you to watch this coming weekend to binge on. It has a total of nine movies plus a spinoff and that could definitely get you a whole day of fun and films with the whole family or group of friends. With so many in the roster already, will there be another? Here is everything we know so far.

The first four films were about illegal street racing and the franchise literally had a turn in the story having the fifth onwards focused on heists and spying. Its most recent release, F9, was one of the most successful films to be released during the pandemic. It also has a spinoff, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and an animated television series, Fast & Furious Spy Racers.

The Fast & Furious franchise currently holds the top seventh film franchise having a combined $6 billion from all the movies. The series of films helped propel the careers of Vin Diesel, the current lead of the whole franchise, and the late Paul Walker, whose death was a surprise to everyone as he died in a racing accident, similar to the ones they do in the movies.

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Will There Be Another Fast and the Furious Movie?

Two films are planned to follow the last release of the franchise which will form part of the main saga while there are two other spinoffs currently under development. That, in itself, proves that the franchise continues and is a success in its own right.

The tenth Fast & Furious movie is currently set for a release date on April 7, 2023, under Universal Pictures and it is expected to be the penultimate movie of the series. Following such would be the eleventh and final movie which will be wrapping up the whole saga and the billion-dollar franchise as well. Both the tenth and eleventh films are intertwined with each other to conclude the series.

Two spinoffs are also in development, one of which would be centered on women and it would be led by Charlize Theron who appeared in the series as Cipher. Another is the sequel to Hobbs & Shaw which will follow the titular characters and their side story in the series.

Excited to see what is in store for the Fast & Furious franchise?

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