Villains That Batman Will Get Screen Time With In Suicide Squad

While Suicide Squad features a team of DC's anti-heroes working for the government, the movie also sees one hero from the DCEU – Ben Affleck's Batman. It comes as no surprise that the Caped Crusader will have some sort of interaction with the villains in the films, especially since he's the one responsible for putting them in prison in the first place. However, it isn't until now that we're hearing confirmation as to which exact villains Batman will be getting screen time with.

According to Batman-News, Batman will be sharing screen time with Will Smith's Deadshot/Floyd Lawton, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel, and Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad. He will have two scenes with Deadshot, one of which is "emotional" while the other a flashback. As for Harley Quinn, Batman will have one scene with her, with Batman saving her after her and Joker's car crashes into the water.

The site also confirmed one scene with the Dark Knight and The Joker, but that scene will reportedly be quick. While it's unfortunate news that Batman will only have short screen time with his arch-nemesis, fans will most likely see them facing off once again in the Batman solo film.

Last month, Smith teased one scene with Batman in Suicide Squad. The actor also voiced out his desire to suit up as The Dark Knight at some point in the franchise.

Despite his role in putting the villains behind bars and his interaction with some of them in the film, Batman's role in Suicide Squad is only minor, and rightly so since the movie isn't really about him.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

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