Suicide Squad: The Weird Things Cara Delevingne Did To Get Enchantress Role

Cara Delevingne as Enchantress in Suicide Squad.

English actress and model Cara Delevingne talked about some things she was asked to do before gettting the role of Enchantress in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

"I met the director, David Ayer, at a hotel in London on a dark and stormy night," Delevingne told W Magazine. "He didn't tell me anything about the movie. Instead, he showed me pictures of these amazing, enlightened, powerful, but very evil women."

Then she met Ayer in his Los Angeles house, where she was asked to read a scene from the play Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, which she performed in when she was 17 at school.

"Somehow, when we were doing the scene, I became livid. I hadn't felt rage like that in years. And then I got the part!" Delevingne said. In Suicide Squad, Enchantress will be partulcarly evil Enchantress will be particularly evil, as Delevingne revealed.

Even after getting the role, she was asked to do some weird things: "David asked me to go and try and find a forest and, if it was a full moon, get naked and walk through the woods with my feet in the mud, which I did. There wasn't a full moon, but I howled like a wolf."

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.

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