Singer KCM Confirms He Got Married To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend This Year

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Singer KCM has a blooming career through the years, and he is now starting to embark on a new journey in his life.

As one of the most famous R&B singers in South Korea, KCM already lent his voice to several web series and TV shows following his 2003 debut with I Know. After singing Punch’s OST, he started releasing albums that peaked South Korean music charts – from Beautiful Mind to his most recent Reflection of My Mind.

While he truly has a flourishing career as a singer, he recently completed his life by marrying the woman he loves and wants to create his family with.

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KCM Confirms Marriage This Year

On Thursday, KCM’s agency confirmed that the singer tied knots with his non-celebrity girlfriend earlier this month. Several news outlets also confirmed that his wife is nine years younger than him.


Per the agency, he and his wife recently completed registering their marriage, and they are now legally a married couple. It added that the ceremony had been rescheduled due to COVID-19. They decided to push through their wedding at a private dinner with their parents.

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“They even booked the wedding hall, but after it ended up being cancelled, they were unable to announce [their wedding plans]. At the beginning of this year, they held a sort of commitment ceremony at a dinner attended by both of their parents, and then they registered their marriage,” the agency went on.

KCM reportedly planned to share the news with his fans on his birthday, so he had already penned a handwritten letter. Although he was waiting for his day to make the announcement, the news of his marriage got out earlier than expected.

Still, KCM and his wife are very happy as they prepare to move into the newlywed home in March.

KCM Collaborates With MSG Wannabe

Before his marriage, KCM managed to become part of the group created by the nation’s MC, Yoo Jae Suk. The project group consists of the singer, Parc Jae Jung, Ji Suk Jin, Wonstein, Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Sang Yi, Simon Dominic, and Kim Jung Min.


The group is a play on the popular vocal group, SG Wannabe, and even has two sub-groups: M.O.M (Men of Music) and JungSangDongKi (JSDK). They released their album featuring the two sub-groups’ songs, Foolish Love by M.O.M and Only You by JSDK.

It remains unknown whether MSG Wannabe would release another project this year.

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