FNC Entertainment Officially Cut Ties From Former AOA Member Jimin Following Her Contract’s Expiration

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

FNC Entertainment is moving forward without former AOA member Jimin.

AOA has been through a lot that, from having eight members, they are now down with three K-pop idols – Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Chanmi. All five other members – Youkyung, Choa, Mina, Yuna, and Jimin – all had their own reasons for leaving the girl group following their 2012 debut.

Among them, Jimin took the most spotlight as she had been accused of several issues before leaving AOA for good. Nearly two years since the allegations unfolded, the former girl group member decided not to continue working with her agency.

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Ex-AOA Member Jimin Leaves FNC Entertainment

On Thursday, FNC Entertainment released a statement to officially confirm that Jimin is no longer part of the agency. Per the label, the former K-pop idol’s contract ended on January 12.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Jimin, who has been active as a singer in our company for the past nine years. Although our relationship [with Jimin] has ended, please show warm encouragement and support for Jimin’s future endeavors,” the statement went on.

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Jimin first left the girl group in July 2020 after the claims that she bullied Mina throughout her stay with AOA emerged. She shared an apology statement on Instagram in the same month, but she decided to halt all her activities in the K-pop industry since then.

She also went on a hiatus on social media for a year and a half. Recently, she returned to announce that she has a new song to share with her fans. Unfortunately, she would embark on her journey as an independent artist for now.

Issues Surrounding Former AOA Member Jimin Explained

Jimin received backlash when Mina, who left the group in 2019, accused her of bullying her for more than 10 years.

According to Mina, the incidents led her to suffer from mental health issues and prompted her to practice self-harm. She also accused her of not saying sorry to her personally even after posting an online apology. Although Jimin also quit AOA, Mina continuously attacked her and “revealed” her ugly side in interviews and online posts.

However, Dispatch released screenshots of the conversations between AOA members, showing that Mina was a problematic one, too. In the leaked messages, Mina showed her “rude” side that she even attacked Jimin’s family and derogated her in the most obsessive and psychotic way.

She also demanded things from her managers, although her wishes were not part of her contract as an idol.

Although Mina’s real attitude has since been exposed, Jimin’s arrogance also received the spotlight that led people to criticize her. One incident happened when she appeared on the JTBC show Knowing Brothers in 2017. At that time, Jimin kicked Hodong’s back that led to the show’s cast member to fall as he endured the pain.

After the new development, it remains unknown whether Jimin would pursue her career as a soloist despite the negative image she currently has.

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