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Vampire Academy Season 2: Julie Plec Hints at What May Happen Next to Andre, Victor, and More

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Vampire Academy Season 1 finale left fans hanging after ending with several cliffhangers. As Peacock is yet to order for Vampire Academy Season 2, will the viewers get the answer to their questions?

Executive producer Julie Plec addressed the several twists and turns in the series and seemed to hint at their continuation in Vampire Academy Season 2.

Warning: The following content contains Season 1 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

What Will Happen to Andre?

The series is based on Richelle Mead’s book series. But though Andre (Jason Diaz) is not part of the novel, he’s seen on the TV series.

Episode 9 revealed he had been Tatiana’s (Anita-Joy Uwajeh) prisoner since the accident happened. The finale showed him being murdered and turned into Strigoi while his sister, Lissa (Daniela Nieves), was watching in horror.

“That was the first big change [from the books] that we thought of, almost immediately,” Plec told TVLine. “We thought it was interesting — here is this man, who had all this natural charisma and leadership abilities who was bred to be king, at the end of a season in which we see the Strigoi mobilizing and strategizing for the first time ever in their evolution.”

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So, what would it look like if Andre led the Strigoi army?

“That is a lot of what we’re going to get into in the second season,” Plec teased. “… I think it’ll be a slow arc, but he’s naturally suited—even as a Strigoi—for that kind of leadership.”

Victor’s Winning

Fans also want to know what happened to Victor (J. August Richards) in the finale. Did he argue with Sonya (Jonetta Kaiser)?

“We don’t know!” Plec exclaimed. “We’ll have to get a second season, and you’ll have to tune in.”

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Lissa, Christian and Rose, Dimitri’s Love Stories

Of course, the series will be incomplete without Lissa (Daniela Nieves), and Christian (André Dae Kim) and Rose (Sisi Stringer), and Dimitri’s (Kieron Moore) love stories.

Plec teased that fans had to see Christian and Lissa coming back together in Vampire Academy Season 2.

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Alternatively, she hinted that it would not be the end for Rose and Dimitri. Though they had already said goodbye to each other, something would happen that would put them back together.

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