07 Jun 2021 5:27 PM +00:00 UTC

New VALORANT Origin Skins Revealed, Includes Operator, Vandal, Frenzy Bucky & First-Blade Melee

Recently, the upcoming Origin weapon skin bundle for VALORANT was leaked, giving us a look at the new weapon skins with futuristic-ancient technology.

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In a recent interview with YouTuber DiegoteTV, VALORANT senior producer Preeti Khanolkar and premium content art lead Sean Marino talked about the upcoming Origin skin line, which seemingly combines themes of sci-fi and ancient craftmanship. This weapon bundle will include skins for Operator, Vandal, Frenzy, Bucky, and melee.

"If someone from 100 years ago were to see an iPhone in their world, they would think it's just straight magic," Marino teased. "We wanted to have this gun feel like it was magical, but it really is just really advanced technology."

Here's a closer look at the Origin weapon skins:


The new skins feature rune carvings interlaced into the design, which appear to come alive as you upgrade them with Radianite. Once you upgrade to level 3, you can see the gun deconstruct while runic lines hover in the air. When inspecting the weapon, you can see the entire weapon come apart and float between your hands. You can keep the animation as long as you want, canceling it by swapping weapons or shooting. The melee in the bundle is a fist blade.

Each weapon will have different color scheme variants in red, white, and green. The Origin finisher animation shows advanced technology that sucks your enemies into another dimension.


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Riot hasn't officially revealed the prices and release date for the Origin skin bundle, but given the previous pricing record, it's safe to assume that it will cost around 6,000 VP. The Origin bundle will likely replace the Tethered Realms bundle in two days.