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Riot Games Confirms VALORANT is Coming to Mobile

Riot Games has announced that its popular tactical first-person shooter, VALORANT, is getting a mobile version.

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Credit: Riot Games

The developers haven't released much details about the mobile version yet, but VALORANT executive producer Anna Donolon said that "we're thrilled to soon offer the same competitive VALORANT experience to even more global players."

The announcement of Riot's plans to bring VALORANT to mobile comes as the PC version hits its first anniversary. Within one year, VALORANT has amassed over 14 million monthly players and seen over half a billion matches played, according to Riot. Riot's first shooter game has frequently been among the top-watched games on Twitch, and the grand final of the VALORANT Masters last weekend between North America's Sentinels and Europe's FNATIC amassed over 1 million viewers, so it's not surprising to see the developer bring its popular FPS title to mobile.

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Earlier this year, Riot made a similar move with League of Legends, launching a mobile-focused version called Wild Rift.

In a world where Fortnite is played across practically any device, the promise of "the same competitive VALORANT experience" on mobile seems realistic, but the mobile version probably won't be able to cross-play with PC users because of mobile's limitations.

VALORANT Mobile Release Date

Since Riot just announced VALORANT mobile, it will probably take months before they release new information about the game, so don't expect an official release date anytime soon, but we will update you here on EpicStream once more details are released.

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