Fortnite Season 7 COUNTDOWN, RELEASE DATE, Leaks, Teaser, Skins, Battle Pass, Updates, News and Everything You Need to Know

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Fortnite Season 7 is releasing soon! And this time it features... ALIENS!

A game of survival, battle, and requires high creativity, that is what Fortnite is all about! Developed by Epic Games and out in the open since 2017, Fortnite, the online video game, comes now with Season 7, and here is everything you need to know from the release date, updates, leaks, battle pass, teasers, and even the skins available! What are you waiting for? Have your countdowns set now!

Fortnite Season 7 COUNTDOWN
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Credit: Epic Games/ Fortnite

What makes Fortnite really exciting is that it is available in three different game modes: Fortnite: Save The World which will have you cooperate with other players to finish a mission, Fortnite Battle Royale which will allow you to compete with other players and you have the liberty to go in alone or with a group of friends with you, and Fortnite Creative which is quite the same as that in Minecraft.

To date, the game has been considered as one of the most popular games having millions of players just after a year of its release and the number continues to grow. That, in itself, secured a successful victory for Epic Games! You can be able to play Fortnite through PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC for Windows or Mac, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.


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Fortnite Season 7 Release Time: When does it go live in the US and UK?

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Fortnite Season 7 will go live with a start date of Tuesday, June 8th at the following times in the US and the UK:


Pacific Time: 1:00 AM PT
Central Time: 3:00 AM CT
Eastern Time: 4:00 AM EST
British Time: 9:00 AM BST

Fortnite Season 7 Story Trailer


If you're not that hyped just yet, Epic Games will be releasing its Story Trailer on June 8, 2021, and it will premiere in the wee hours of the night at 2 AM EST/ 7 AM BST on their official YouTube channel. It is rumored that this season of Fortnite will be having aliens for its theme while others think that there would be a Superman skin as well for its battle pass. Exciting, isn't it?

Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass Trailer


Just when you thought the hype ends there, it doesn't! Its battle pass for this season will also be premiering its trailer at the same time as the story trailer at 2 AM EST/ 7 AM BST on June 8, 2021.

Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass and Skins, Teasers

Speaking of Battle Pass though, it is expected that there would be new skins that come along with it. As announced in the official Twitter page of Fortnite, they would be releasing the Dizzie Domain set along with season 7. It would probably cost the same as other starter packs. If you want to see more of what they will be releasing, you might want to check out their official Twitter page for more.


In the Mecha Cuddle Master Teaser, Loki and Thor could be spotted there. It is also rumored that there would be a John McClane, Naruto, and Snake Plissken which will be arriving. It is also suggested that there would be themed skins of Superman, or Star Trek as well. It was revealed in the lawsuit of Epic Games against Apple that a Samus skin was also under development and it could be released this season with aliens and outer space as its theme.

Fortnite Season 7 Countdown
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In another teaser posted, it was also revealed that there would be a Rick and Morty crossover with futuristic alien weapons, helmets made for space, and a cutesy robot holding a tray of some sort of butter, maybe? These things were already seen in one scene of Rick and Morty so it sure is a crossover. It is also expected that there would be milk cartons as a possible consumable item.


If you wish to avail the Season 7 Battle Pass, you need around 950 V-Bucks wherein you need to avail the 1000 V-Bucks because that's the smallest bundle, and that will cost you $7.99/ £6.49. Should you want an upgrade, have $19.99/ £15.99 for the Battle Bundle costing 2,800 V-Bucks.

When is the Release Date of Fortnite Season 7?


It will be in a few hours and a whole lot of players are excited for the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 7! Just a few days ago, Epic Games announced the champions of Chapter 2 Season 6 and it comes with updates on Chapter 2 Season 7! An FNCS All-Star Showdown is bound to happen on June 23 to 26, 2021 and the FCNS of Season 7 will be starting on July 29 in the Middle East and on July 30 for all the other regions.

As indicated in various promotions of Fortnite Season 7, it will be having its release on June 8, 2021, and if they follow the release time of other previous seasons, it will be at 4 AM EST/ 9 AM BST. Considering that the trailers would be out by 2 AM EST/ 7 AM BST, this release time is highly possible.

Before all these could be accessed, Epic Games announced, "The Primal Season — and Makeshift weapons — will soon be extinct. Craft ‘em while you got ‘em. Downtime for Chapter 2 Season 7 begins at 2 AM ET (06:00 UTC)."

Excited for Fortnite Season 7? Tune in to the official YouTube channel of Fortnite, or their official Twitter page for more updates!

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