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How to Redeem a Code in VALORANT Including The DUALITY Player Card

Riot Games recently released a new VALORANT cinematic for its official lore, and it's called DUALITY. The nearly four-minute video features several VALORANT agents battling it out against their clones from an alternate world. Riot also released a Duality player card for VALORANT players, and all they have to do to redeem it is to enter a code in the game, so if you want to know how to redeem a code in VALORANT, here's a complete guide.

Before we get to that, here's the DUALITY lore cinematic:

At the time of this writing, players have reported that they couldn't claim the Exclusive DUALITY Player Card, but Riot confirmed that they are working on a fix, and that they are removing the 48-hour time limit for the code's expiration.

How to Redeem VALORANT Duality Player Card

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Credit: Riot

The DUALITY player card is the first-ever limited-time item in VALORANT, so players want to find out how to get their hands on the card. Here's how you can redeem it:

1. Visit the website.
2. Log in to your Riot Games account.
3. On the website, enter the code YTILAUD to acquire the Duality Player card.

Note that this item was previously only available for 48 hours since it was announced, but Riot recently confirmed that they're removing the time limit for its expiration.

How you can redeem codes in VALORANT

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Credit: Riot Games
​1. Log into the VALORANT game client
2. Click on the VALORANT icon located on the right of the Store tab
3. Click Prepaid Cards & Codes
4. Input the code provided then click Submit
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VALORANT points or items that you can redeem with the code provided should be automatically added to your account. For more information on redeeming and purchasing VALORANT gift cards, click here.

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