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VALORANT Gift Cards: How to Redeem Valorant Points and Purchase Them

If you're thinking of giving a VALORANT fan a gift, you can always purchase gift cards available at certain online and retail stores, but you should be careful about which stores you can trust. Riot Games has an official list of retailers they partnered with, so never buy codes from any other source to avoid being scammed.

Riot's prepaid gift cards are a convenient way to purchase VALORANT's in-game currency (VALORANT points) without the need of credit card or bank account, and players can use the in-game currency to purchase skins and cosmetic items available in the game. With new items available with every patch, one can never have enough VALORANT points, so if you've just received a gift card for the game, or are looking to give someone, you'd want to know how you can redeem the codes so you can start purchasing skins and cosmetics as soon as possible.

You can purchase Riot's prepaid cards in the following denominations: $10, $25, $50, and $100. You can purchase gift cards for VALORANT digitally on Amazon in the United States only. When you purchase your gift card, you will receive a unique set of numbers that will serve as your new gift card. Currently, there are only four agents featured in these gift cards: Jett, Phoenix, Viper, and Sova.

Note that all the gift cards are PC-Only and are region locked, meaning cards puchased in the United States can only be used in North American servers. Note that the cards are non-returnable or non-refundable.

Riot warns that purchasing prepaid gift cards from a third party merchant, such as non-Riot authorized retailers and online auctions, is highly advised against, and the company won't be able to assist you if the gift cards don't work.

How to redeem gift cards/codes in VALORANT

  • 1. Launch the VALORANT game client and log into your account
  • 2. Click on the VALORANT icon found on the right of the Store tab
  • 3. Select "Prepaid Cards & Codes"
  • 4. You will be prompted to a pop-up screen where you can enter the code provided by your gift card.
  • 5. Click Submit, and your rewards will automatically be added to your account.

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If you can't seem to redeem your gift card code, you'd want to contact the retailer you purchased it from. Note that you should keep the card and store receipt until you're able to verify that you have successfully redeemed the card in VALORANT. If you need additional support, you can submit a ticket at Riot's website.

The VALORANT gift cards are similar to the V-Bucks gift cards for Fortnite. Instead of V-Bucks, you get VALORANT points in the game, and it takes a lot of VP to acquire premium skins and upgrade them. VP can also be used to purchase Radianite points, which is needed to upgrade weapons with new animation, visual effects, and variants. Players can also use VP to purchase the battle pass (worth around $10), and each act offers a new battle pass that usually lasts three months.

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