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VALORANT Player Uses Omen's Ultimate Trick to Get Spike in 1-vs-4 Clutch Round

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A VALORANT player managed to pull off a 1-vs-4 clutch with the help of Omen's ultimate ability, From the Shadows.

Valorant Omen
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Credit: Riot Games

Omen players have recently discovered that they can use the mysterious agent's ability to teleport to the Spike's location to grab it while the From the Shadows animation is still going, and the player can still get the Spike even if the ultimate is cancelled and they return to the initial location.

A player who goes by JMendesFNM on Reddit has recently shared a clip showing how they scored for the team in a 1-vs-4 situation thanks to Omen's teleportation trick. The Spike was left at Hookah in Bind's B site, so the Omen player activated their ultimate to get the Spike from that location, and then cancelled the ultimate so they can return to A site instantly and plant it there, forcing the enemy team to rotate.

The player then used Shrouded Step to teleport to Heaven, picking off a rotating enemy with their Operator. They used another Shrouded Step to get back to the site, putting him in a position to kill a confused Sage hiding behind Viper's Toxic Screen. After getting hit by an enemy from CT, the Omen player retreated back to Showers and sniped a third enemy. Then a player used a smoke and a well-timed Paranoia to reduce Viper's vision, taking her out with an Op shot to clutch a critical round.

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VALORANT recently nerfed Jett and Skye, and buffed Kay/0 with the latest update. Hopefully, Omen will also get a buff soon, but for now, players can enjoy pulling off this cool teleportation trick.

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