Did Netflix's Arcane Teaser Just Tease The New VALORANT Agent, Deadeye?

Netflix and Riot Games have teamed-up to make Arcane, a new animated series set in the world of Riot's popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, League of Legends, but it looks like a new character from another game will also be featured in the series.

Netflix Arcane
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Credit: Netflix

Today, the official Twitter account of Arcane shared a new teaser of the upcoming Netflix animated series, giving us a glimpse of various champions from League of Legends, but some VALORANT fans also noticed one character who resembles an upcoming agent, and now we're wondering if Riot will also feature characters from their other games in the show.

Watch the new teaser for Arcane here:

The teaser doesn't show the faces, but League of Legends fans recognize most of the characters featured in here, and as you can see in the 3-second mark of the teaser above, a character that resembles Deadeye, the unconfirmed new VALORANT agent, is seen with familiar clothing.

Deadeye Valorant
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Credit: Riot Games / Netflix

The clothing looks similar to the mysterious character Riot revealed in the VALORANT Year-One Anthem trailer released in June. The official VALORANT Twitter account also shared the Arcane teaser, hinting that there's a connection to the upcoming VALORANT agent.

Valorant Deadeye
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot hasn't confirmed Deadeye or any of the characters teased here, but it's likely that we will find out soon enough.

First announced in May 2021, Arcane is produced and developed by Riot Games in partnership with Fortiche Productions, the Paris-based animation studio behind several of Riot's popular game cinematics, videos, and other League of Legends advertisements. Arcane is Riot's first television series project, and it's already giving fans a lot of hype.

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Arcane is set to release on Netflix in Fall 2021. Riot hasn't officially announced when they will add a new VALORANT agent yet, but be sure to follow VALORANT Source on Twitter to get the latest news, updates, and memes about the game.

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