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VALORANT Update 3.06 Patch Notes: Nerfs Jett, Kay/0 Buffs, Map Changes Targeting Wall-Bangable Crates

VALORANT is getting a major update today with the release of patch 3.06, and Riot Games have released the full patch notes for the update, which include agent balancing changes, and minor but important map changes.

Valorant Jett Nerf
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Credit: Riot Games

Jett and Skye, two staples of competitive VALORANT, are getting significant nerfs.

Ever since the release of VALORANT, Jett has been one of the top agent picks, but many players consider her to be overpowered. With the release of patch 3.06, Riot is bringing significant changes to her kit, including her Ultimate.

Jett's Bladestorm ultimate will no longer recharge after a right click, and Riot said that they hope this update will encourage Jett mains to "optimize for the single kunai kills in order to keep the Bladestorm going and really play into the high precision fantasy Jett is all about."

Of course, Jett mains would probably be upset with this update, but these are necessary changes that should help balance the roster.

Riot are also reverting fire damage changes on the ability to mirror left-click to "unify how both modes of fire work." The update will also reduce the Cloudburst's charges from three to two to make the ability a "more tactical one".

Valorant Patch 3.06
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Credit: Riot Games

As for Skye, Riot explained that her flashes has become too effective and optimal, so the devs are increasing Guiding Light's (E) unequip time after casting or bending from 0.5 seconds to 0.75, and they're also increasing the 'windup" time after activation before the flash goes offf from 0.25 seconds to 0.3 seconds. The cost of Skye's ult, Seekers, will also be increased from six to seven.

Meanwhile, the killer robot agent Kay/0 is getting some buffs: His FLASH/drive ability will "reward those of you that put in additional effort to throw clever pop flashes". Kay/0's utlimate, NULL/cmd, is also getting a major buff, which gives the robot a longer suppression window, even after being downed.

Patch 3.06 will also feature key changes to five VALORANT maps, including Ascent, Bind, Fracture, Haven, and Icebox. Some wallbangable crates in a few site areas will no longer be penetrable to give players more protection when planting in default spots.

Changes are made in Bind's A site, Fracture's B site, Haven's C site, and Ascent's A site, but the biggest change is in Icebox, where bullets will no longer be penetrate the two-stack of crates on B site. Attackers would only get killed while trying to plant in the default spot on B site, and this made Sage and Viper utility a necessity when attacking Icebox's B site. With the latest update, however, attackers will no longer have to worry about watching Nest and Snowman.

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VALORANT Patch 3.06 launches today, and Fracture will also be added to competitive play after two weeks since it was released in its own non-competitive queue.

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