VALORANT Mobile First Look Images Potentially Leaked

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VALORANT's mobile version is coming, and new leaked images from the game's first test in China have been leaked.

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Credit: Riot Games

As GamePur pointed out, mobile gaming leaker Danny INTEL shared a few images of VALORANT Mobile on April 7, claiming they're from a playtest that's being done in China. The photos reveal the game's in-game interface, loading screen, and character selection. While the images look similar to VALORANT's PC version, the mobile platform has a few significant changes.

The Agent selection screen reveals that at least Jett, Reyna, Sova, Skye, Breach, Killjoy, and Phoenix should be available in VALORANT's mobile version. The loading screen also reveals Raze and Cypher, and it's likely that the other Agents will be available in the game. As you can see in tweet below, the in-game UI shows how players can use different abilities by tapping different parts of their screen.

Last June, Riot Games officially confirmed the mobile version of VALORANT, but they haven't announced a release date yet. However, in an interview with ONE Esports, Riot General Manager Justin Hulog revealed that the mobile version would be arriving in Southeast Asia first (SEA).

"In many ways, it does make sense to potentially go out in Southeast Asia first," Hulog explained. "But there are also unique challenges and very high expectations for how a game should perform on mobile. That could mean that we may look at other regions that are less demanding first."

"VALORANT Mobile is going to have a really big focus in Southeast Asia just because of the fact that it is a mobile-first region," Hulog added, citing the advantages of a later release.

"But whether it comes first is a question that we need to weigh. One of the nice things about not going first is that it gives us time to work out the bugs."

VALORANT executive producer Anna Donolon said that "we're thrilled to soon offer the same competitive VALORANT experience to even more global players."

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Riot hasn't released official images for the highly anticipated mobile game, so take everything here with a grain of salt. A beta version is expected to release mid-2022, so expect to hear more news about it this year. There is also a rumor that a console version for the game is in the works.

You can read more details about VALORANT's mobile version in our dedicated article.


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