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Riot Games Releases Cinematic Trailer For New VALORANT Agent Harbor

Riot Games has been sharing teasers for the upcoming VALORANT Agent, Harbor, also known as Agent 21 and Varun Batra, and now, a cinematic trailer has been released to hype up players of the popular tactical shooter game.

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Credit: Riot Games

The new trailer is titled Turn the Tides, and it feature Harbor, a water-bending Controller Agent from India, and as you can see in the action-packed clip below, he rides a motorcycle, giving fans Bollywood vibes.

Watch Turn the Tides here:

The video concludes with Brimstone giving Harbor a hand to save him from the fall, and so that he could board the ship. Brimstone welcomes Harbor to the VALORANT Protocol as the ship flies away.

The trailer also reveals the origins of Harbor's water manipulation abilities: It turns out that a mystical artifact grants him the power to manipulate water at his will, and although Riot hasn't fully revealed what each of his abilities do in the game, the video teases what players can expect.

It looks like players will have fun playing as Harbor in VALORANT; Astra was the last Controller Agent introduced to the game, so Harbor will be the fifth after her, Brimstone, Omen, and Viper.

Riot already confirmed that Harbor will be a Controller type Agent, which means he's expected to help the team slice up territory with smokes or other defensive abilities, and as you can see in the video, it looks like his water abilities will be useful in helping team improve their defenses.

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Expect Riot to reveal more details about Harbor's abilities soon. The new VALORANT Agent is expected to arrive when Episode 5, Act 3 launches on Oct. 18.

You can read more information about the upcoming Agent in everything we know about Harbor here.

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