Unsealed MTG Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release Kits Found in Some Asian Countries

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Wizards of the Coast

The pre-release events for Magic: The Gathering's upcoming set Guilds of Ravnica will happen this weekend but those who plan to attend in Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore might receive unsealed pre-rerelease kits.

The official Magic: The Gathering Facebook page reported the issue, and to remind players that their products are not compromised, they released the following statement on the post:

When you attend your prerelease at your local game store you might notice your prerelease pack is not cello wrapped. Wizards of the Coast is committed to players having the best quality play experiences with our product. A component that didn't meet that objective made it into prerelease kits in your region and was removed.
We know a happy Magic player is an informed Magic player, so: inside your kit you should find 5 Guilds of Ravnica boosters, 1 seeded guild-specific booster containing cards from the Guilds of Ravnica set, 1 date-stamped promo card, 1 guild-stamped Spindown, and a guild-themed instructional insert.
Happy Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease!

They went on to note that this only applies to the three Asian countries mentioned above. Wizards also reminded us that Tencent is the official publisher in Asia except for Japan and Korea so you can check their website if you have any questions. However, some netizens criticized the website for having only Chinese language available and there are players like me, in the Philippines, who don't understand or speak Chinese, so that's a pretty unreliable site for non-Chinese players.

The products were probably unsealed because some people wanted to remove the Magic Arena codes that are originally included in the Guilds of Ravnica pre-release kits. Hopefully, Tencent and Wizards of the Coast will be able to fix this issue. It sucks that some players might not be able to get Sealed Event entries in Magic Arena when its Open Beta starts on September 27.

We've reached out to Tencent for a response. We'll keep you updated with information as soon as we get an answer.

Guilds of Ravnica will feature five guilds: Selesnya (green-white), Boros (red-white), Golgari (black-green), Izzet (blue-red), and Dimir (blue-black).

The following set, Ravnica Allegiance will feature the other five guilds: Azorius (blue-white), Rakdos (black-red), Gruul (red-green), Simic (green-blue), and Orzhov (black-white).

Guilds of Ravnica will be released on October 5. Prerelease events will take place on September 29-30.

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