Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 1 Recap: Kim Hye Soo Desperate to Protect Her Sons

Credit: Netflix Philippines / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Netflix Philippines / YouTube screenshot

Under the Queen’s Umbrella showcase the challenges of Kim Hye Soo as a queen, wife, and mother to her sons dubbed as the palace’s troublemakers.

In the first episode, it depicts her efforts to accomplish her responsibilities and duties as the King’s wife while being a doting mother to the crown prince and his four grand princes.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 1 Viewership

Despite being one of the newest K-dramas, Under the Queen’s Umbrella proved its influence after premiering at the top spot.

According to Nielsen Korea, Kim Hye Soo’s latest drama kicked off with a solid start after garnering an average nationwide rating of 7.6 percent. With this, Under the Queen’s Umbrella lands as the most-watched series in its time slot across all channels.

Where to Watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella K-Drama?

Debuting on October 15, the historical fantasy K-drama has a total of 16 episodes in one season.

Airing every Saturday and Sunday, Under the Queen’s Umbrella is broadcasted on tvN and can be streamed through Netflix for subtitles.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 1 Recap

A lot of major surprises and remarkable moments were featured in Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 1.

It starts with the grand princes who attended their lessons at Jonghak, an educational institute exclusively for princes and his royal descent.

While the others made it on time, Queen Im Hwa Ryeong’s sons caught the attention of his majesties after two of them entered late.

After the lessons wrapped up, Prince Seong Nam (Moon Sang Min) was seen by Queen Dowager Cho attacking Prince Ui Seong (SF9’s Chani.)

However, the royal didn't know that Prince Ui Seong provoked Prince Seong Nam and his brothers after disrespecting their mother, Queen Im Hwa Ryeong.

Due to this, the four princes were punished and were instructed to kneel the whole day despite the bad weather condition.

The incident also prompted Queen Dowager Cho to label the four princes as “troublemakers” for causing a rift with Prince Ui Seong.

Although she was embarrassed by what happened, she detests the queen for calling her sons “troublemakers.”

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Queen Im Hwa Ryeong Devastated by the Crown Prince’s Deteriorating Health

In Under The Queen’s Umbrella episode 1, a happy Queen Im Hwa Ryeong was seen after the scholars commended the Crown Prince’s educational standing.

With the queen ranting about his brothers, the Crown Prince tells his mother not to worry about his younger siblings as they will not do any harm to taint their family’s name.

As soon as the mother and son headed to their headquarters, the queen froze when she saw her son unconscious and lying on the ground.

After a consultation with the physician, they learned that it was also the health condition of the late Crown Prince Taien after seeing similar symptoms.

Confused about her son’s health, the Queen investigates and found out that the former royal physician cured the late crown prince and wants to ask the king if he could summon him to the palace and help cure the current crown prince.

Unfortunately, the physician is not available and Queen Im Hwa Ryeong refused to reveal the royal’s current condition as it will only spark worry not just with the King but among the nation.

Another main highlight of Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 1 is Queen Im Hwa Ryeong visiting the Deposed Queen Yoon.

The episode showed the flashback of the former Queen leaving the palace after her father was accused of treason while her son, the crown prince died due to a disease.

However, she thinks that his death was not caused by an illness but rather foul play.

It came after despite leaving the palace and staying at a shabby home miles away from the King’s residence, his son was targeted by unknown people who might be related to Queen Dowager Cho.

One of her sons died by being hanged, the other got attacked and the third died by drowning.

In the last scene, the former Queen advised Queen Im Hwa Ryeong to look after her sons and prepare them in case something bad happens to the crown prince.

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