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Juvenile Justice Season 2: Will Kim Hye Soo Return as Judge Shim?

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Finally, after months of waiting, Netflix officially confirms Juvenile Justice season 2.

One of the most hyped K-dramas in 2022, the 10-part episode crime drama series follows the story of an elite judge named Shin Eun Seok.

Juvenile Justice Season 2: Will Kim Hye Soo Lead the Upcoming Sequel?

In a report, the Netflix original series is getting renewed for another season and is scheduled to have its pre-production between August and September.

The activity includes the selection of cast members and discussions of the storyline. With this, the streaming giant is yet to confirm if Kim Hye Soo will reprise her role as Judge Shim and who among the actors will make a comeback in season 2.

On the other hand, Juvenile Justice season 2 will be directed by Hong Jong Chan, who also helmed the first installment.

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What to Expect in Juvenile Justice Season 2

In Juvenile Justice, Judge Shim is known for her tough punishment for young offenders and is also vocal about how she hates these juvenile criminals.

Apart from Kim Hye Soo, the Netflix original also casts Lee Sung Min as head judge Kang Won Joong, who was later on replaced by the fearless Na Geun Hee, played by Lee Jung Eun.

Joining the trio as the lead star is Kim Mu Yeol as Shin Eun Seok’s subordinate judge Cha Tae Ju who unlike his senior, sympathizes with and understands the juvenile offenders.

While the first season of Juvenile Justice gained positive responses for its realistic portrayal of the story, especially with the cases of the problematic teens, it is safe to say that this will be also carried out in the upcoming sequel.

Moreover, it is safe to say that viewers will get to see familiar faces that might include Baek Sung Woo, played by Lee Yeon.

It comes after the character was featured in the last episode of the season, hinting that it might reveal more of her present situation.

Interestingly, the newcomer gained attention for her portrayal of teenage boy Baek Sung Woo; however, Lee Yeon is in her late 20s in real life.

The actress is 28 years old but was able to flawlessly portray her role as a middle school boy.

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