Kim Hye Soo Net Worth 2022: Juvenile Justice Star’s Wealth Suffered Major Blow Because Of THIS

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Long before Netflix's Juvenile Justice was released, Kim Hye Soo was among South Korea's top-notch leading ladies, starring in a variety of K-dramas.

She could definitely deliver a stellar performance regardless of the genre, from action, thriller, suspense, even the heart fluttering romance and comedy.

However, as the 10-part crime drama premiered, the 51-year-old beauty once again showed her supremacy, surprising viewers with her impressive portrayal of the ruthless juvenile judge Sim Eon Seok.

With over three decades in the industry and countless recognitions and awards under her name, here's how rich Kim Hye Soo is starting with her net worth.

Kim Hye Soo Net Worth 2022: This Is How Much the Award Winning Star Earned in 3 Decades in Showbiz

According to What's the Net Worth, Kim Hye Soo's net worth is around 2 million USD, where a big chunk of her wealth is from her acting career, endorsements and more.

Unfortunately, despite her fame, success and years as an actress, it seems like her net worth is a bit low compared to newer celebrities; this is because the Signal star suffered greatly under her mother's financial issues.

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Kim Hye Soo's Net Worth Suffered Significantly Due to Her Mother's Debt and Fraud Issue

In a report cited by Koreaboo, Kim Hye Soo's mother was accused of over 1.1 million USD through fraud, claiming it was for a business.

However, the investors, which includes people of high status, reportedly claimed that they only lent her a huge amount of money because she was Kim Hye Soo's mother.

Representatives of her agency revealed that the actress has repeatedly been covering for her mother and has decided to cut ties years ago.

On the other hand, AllKpop mentioned that someone claimed to be the Hyena star's friend and revealed that Kim Hye Soo had no choice but to "hand over nearly all of her possessions to pay off her mom's debt."

Because of this, she had to live way below her means and was forced to "rent a small, old apartment to live in."

Fortunately, in 2019, the Supreme Court raised that "Kim Hye Soo bears no responsibility for her mother's lawsuit."

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