Uncle from Another World Gets Another Delay Due to COVID

uncle from another world delay tsundere elf

uncle from another world delay tsundere elf

After two delays over the past couple of months, Uncle from Another World announced another delay due to COVID. Specifically, Episode 13 of the anime, which was set to air this week, has been delayed.

The series' third delay was announced along with the Episode 12 rebroadcast schedule that will replace the 13th episode.

Uncle from Another World Third Production Delay

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While the Fall 2022 season is about to end, there’s still no end in sight to Uncle from Another World (or Isekai Ojisan in Japanese), an anime that was supposed to air in full during the Summer 2022 season.

The series premiered on July 6. But after a couple of weeks, the show’s fifth episode was delayed due to the spread of COVID-19 among the studio’s staff.

Because of this, Episode 5 was delayed by a couple of weeks. While the show continued until Episode 7, the series was struck with yet another delay.

This new delay was also brought about by an increase in staff members who were affected by COVID-19 within the show's studio, Atelier Pontdarc.

Unlike the first delay, this second postponement was for a longer period.

Specifically, the show was shelved for a couple of months, with the timeslot being used instead for episode rebroadcasts.

Finally, Episode 8 aired on November 24. The rest of the episodes were then released weekly. But just recently, another delay has struck production.

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Uncle from Another World New Release Schedule

uncle from another world ojisan
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Similar to the previous delays, this new delay for Uncle from Another World Episode 13 was brought about by COVID.

Though instead of the studio itself being affected, it was a support studio that got affected.

According to the staff statement, an external animation studio located in China is currently affected by the rapid rise in COVID cases in the country.

Because of this complication and to maintain the show’s quality, another delay was decided.

As a result, the show’s 12th episode will be rebroadcast on December 27 on Japanese TV networks. And currently, there’s no word yet on when Episode 13 will be released.

Despite these circumstances, fans are still supportive of the anime and the studio.

On Twitter and on Reddit, many fans expressed that while the events are unfortunate, it’s better to delay the anime to maintain its high-quality level.

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Source: Official Uncle from Another World website and Twitter account

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